A Thrilling Short Story

alley of darkness

An Alley of Mischief

On the night of Halloween, I wandered inside an alley filled with nothing but black mice racing through the numerous puddles of water in the darkness. I was on my way home and took that alley as a shortcut as it was late already and my patience to eat something had dwindled to an irresistible level.

As I moved forward I heard some faint cry from a bit far ahead which made me stop. I couldn’t see anything as there was hardly any light for me to figure out what it could be. As I listened to the noise closely, I could make out that there was another sound. A sound of something thrashing against something. At this moment, my body began to tremble. I felt something in my heart, it began to beat faster and faster and faster.

dark alley photo

Building up some courage, I put my right foot forward and then left, then right. The noise kept increasing as I moved near it. Finally, I saw two figures in motion. They were definitely a couple of men. I closed the distance between me and them. I heard a clear cry coming out from one of the men. The other was the one who kept pummeling his face with his bare fists. My eyes were wide open as I watched the spectacle with disbelief. I froze again. A tiny drop of sweat coming out from above my right temple coursed down my cheek. 

Move! I ordered myself in my head but nothing. Nothing happened, not even the slightest. I didn’t move. I didn’t go to help the man.

Move! Move!


Before I could even make myself move, I saw, to my horror, the man who was thrashing the other, had moved his head and glared towards me with his large grey eyes. It felt like I was the next victim of his merciless torture. I kept the focus of my eyes on him and it felt like the time had stood still. I didn’t even look at the other man, who I believe stood next to the perpetrator thinking that I had come to save him. Before I knew anything, in a sudden movement my vision got blurred.

I felt pain, immense pain but I didn’t scream.

And then the realization occurred.

Someone … someone had sneaked in from behind and penetrated my back with a sword and the incredibly lethal weapon had come out from my abdomen. Upon moving my head a little downward, I could see the tip of the blade and the blood coming out of my stomach. My eyes got blurry as I could feel the unbearable pain slowly eating me from the inside. That was the last feeling I ever had.

I never could have imagined that the moment of my death would come like this. But the thing that bugs me … is that I died without knowing who killed me.  


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