Bad Guy Kisaki Tetta is the Real Star of Tokyo Revengers

tokyo revengers main villain kisaki tetta

Watching Tokyo Revengers can be a real treat for anyone but the anime is not a hit because of Mikey or Draken or those uncountable plot twists that make you go crazy every time, it is a hit because of its main villain, Kisaki Tetta.

Yes, that’s right.

Despite being the main villain of Tokyo Revengers, he doesn’t get much credit from the fans. Honestly, he deserves more.

Don’t believe me? Watch the show yourself. You have watched it though, right?

Kisaki Tetta – The Main Villain

You just can’t predict the actions of the main villain like Kisaki who works behind the screen (mostly).

General shonen or seinen villains are some crazy guys who love fighting or showing off their strength in order to bring down the main character to do “justice”, but wait! Kisaki is NOT like that.

Tokyo Revengers’ main villain is like a distant relative of Johan Liebert (from Monster), arguably the best villain in anime history (Yes, really).

Johan Liebert
Johan Liebert. Does he look villainy?

Like Johan, Kisaki does his work by manipulating other innocent victims. Those who have watched the show won’t need any introduction about that. He really terrorises the other characters in the anime.

Now, do you understand why Kisaki is the real star of the Tokyo Revengers series? Still, want some more reasons?

There you go then.

Kisaki is a Different Type of Villain

Villains who manipulate and trick others are just really rare, to be honest. Whether it is Hollywood or Bollywood (seriously?) or the anime industry, villains like Kisaki are not found anywhere.

Instead, you are met with the villain in the form of a fat man who has all the money in the world and orders his men around like cattle on a farm. Sometimes, you like it and sometimes, you don’t.

If you want to find really cool bad guys who do the mischief by controlling or manipulating people, you will always get a list with a minimum number of villains who are either cool or controlling but NOT both.

In short words, you will be dejected.

But Kisaki … is both cool (yes, really!) and a controlling villain. What else do you want? His character design in the future timeline of Tokyo Revengers is pure badass.

Kisaki with his yellow nerdy glasses

Kisaki isn’t that strong in fighting. That is a different characteristic, right?

Generally, when you see villains, you imagine them to be strong (NOT more than the main character, of course. What is this? Demon Slayer?). You feel like they must be good at fighting and their evil nature will be just off the charts.

Kisaki has the same level of villainy in him. It is just that he can’t throw many hands, but give him a gun and he will show you (ep 24 flashbacks!).

A Master at Scaring Others

Like Johan, Kisaki has the kind of personality from which many characters feel a sense of fear.

Kisaki Tetta Tokyo Revengers Main villain
Do you understand why Kisaki is scary?

What’s more, is that Kisaki appeared in the anime in episode 14 which is halfway through the first season.

In all those 13 episodes the main character, Hanagaki Takemichi was constantly asking questions and wondering who the hell was this “Kisaki Tetta”.

All the time, others were scared of him. Whenever they were reminded about Kisaki, they just went blank and refused to say his name. Instead, they just said: “Him”.

For instance, in episode 17 of Tokyo Revengers, Osanai told Takemichi and Chifuyu that he was terrified of Kisaki.

Man scared of Kisaki meme

How a guy who was good at fighting (Osanai) was scared of a measly guy like Kisaki? It just shows that it doesn’t matter if you can unleash severe punches, you can’t reach the top.

Imagine how much the characters other than Osanai would fear Kisaki. This is a kind of personality that really suits a villain, but it can also be cliched at times.

I mean, if you are not afraid of the villain then who are you going to be afraid of?

A great antagonist

In Tokyo Revengers, Takemichi is the main character and Mikey is the real main character, but Kisaki?

Kisaki is the one who makes the show worthy to be watched and to be praised for what the storyline has offered. In other words, Kisaki, being the main villain, is the real star of Tokyo Revengers.

Do you understand me?

Kisaki Tetta Tokyo Revengers Villain

If a show wants to be great so that everyone should like it then it should have a strong protagonist and a strong antagonist (as a character) who would complete its aim.

Takemichi is the protagonist of Tokyo Revengers and he hasn’t shown his true abilities in the anime yet. That’s why many people hate him at the moment but wait for season 2, he will surely blow your mind.

It won’t matter if either the protag or the antagonist is strong, the show won’t have much success if one of them is weak (Not in fighting instead, only as a character).

Tokyo Revengers season 1 didn’t unleash the full potential of Takemichi, hence to compensate for that it created strong and intriguing side characters like Mikey, Draken, Kazutora, Baji, Hanma, etc.

Hanemiya Kazutora
Hanemiya Kazutora

In all the hustle and bustle of the side characters, Kisaki is the one who gets the least credit for what he does in the anime. He does get credit from many people but it is just NOT enough.

Successful Villain

In the last ep of the first season, Kisaki had the last laugh. Yes! The villain had the last laugh. Seeing the victory of Kisaki in the ultimate episode, people went crazy.

Kisaki smiling
Just like this, Kisaki had the last laugh

There is only one emotion that comes out of people’s mouths when they see Kisaki and that emotion is “hate“.

You can’t blame them. I mean, all the heinous tasks that he does is pretty bad, but the thing to ponder over is how he figures all of them out and how he plans his tasks in order to get success every time.

His ability to plan is the one that people should look out for. And that’s why I praise the main villain of Tokyo Revengers.

So, remember the name: “Kisaki Tetta“.

Do mention in the comments if you have anything to say about Kisaki. You can go to my “Deep Fiction” YouTube channel if you want to see more Tokyo Revengers content or videos about anime and manga.

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