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Rengoku Kyojuro Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer anime has a lot of big moments, but in this blog post, I am going to tell you about one flex moment that really defines that character who flexed. That moment will be the biggest flex in Demon Slayer.

That flex moment was performed during the Akaza vs. Rengoku fight. Honestly, the whole fight was a flex, but I am going to mention only one character.

Now you would probably think that Akaza would be the one to flex and you would not be wrong as he was actually playing with Rengoku during the whole battle. Akaza was the one to continuously hit Rengoku’s sword with his bare hands.

But he is not the one!

You can watch this video or scroll down to read the blog.

Rengoku Kyojuro

Rengoku's face
Rengoku’s happy face

For me, it was Rengoku who produced the biggest flex of Demon Slayer … yet. (Read the manga for more flex moments!)

No one needs an introduction of Rengoku during the whole fight of Mugen Train as he was just fire! (Literally). The way he fought an Upper-Rank demon, that too, after getting badly hurt, is just commendable.

Let’s get to the series of flex moments produced by the Flame Hashira, Rengoku Kyojuro (saying his full name feels legit!)

First Flex

The first flex came when Rengoku didn’t let go of Akaza’s right hand, which was pierced through his solar plexus. What a flex!

Any ordinary human would be instantly dead, but you know what … that’s Rengoku we’re talking about.

Second Flex

Rengoku even stopped Akaza’s punch with his left hand. What a flex!

At that moment I really thought that the Upper Moon 3 would end Rengoku, but I was wrong!

Akaza trying to punch Rengoku
Akaza trying to punch Rengoku

These two moments probably would have made Akaza wet his pants. It was clearly visible how he was worried about the sun as the killer of demons was peeking through the mountains.

But the flex series of Rengoku didn’t end here.

Third Flex

My man Kyojuro went on to live for a few minutes after the upper part of his abdomen was gone, literally gone!

Thanks to Akaza, a part of Rengoku’s body had become hollow, and yet he was still able to talk to Tanjiro. If that is not a flex then I don’t know what is.

Akaza's hand vanishing from the Sun
Akaza’s hand vanishing from the Sun

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Rengoku – The Brave Man

Clearly, Rengoku was weaker than Akaza, but he still fought like a mad man, unleashing his breathing forms back to back at him. We, the viewers were clearly astonished after seeing his flashy moments (Uzui Tengen will be proud!).

The tremendous willpower of Rengoku sent Akaza’s goosebumps into a frenzy. How many times have you witnessed something like that?

Hell, his willpower even sent shivers down my spine. If I was a demon, I wouldn’t want to face Rengoku. That is for sure. Would you have faced him? Answer in the comments below.

This flexing of Rengoku was a big part of the whole Demon Slayer series. Surely, he will go down as one of the most memorable characters in anime.

I will be posting another blog about flexing in Demon Slayer and that would be about Michael Jackson, Kibutsuji Muzan.

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