Chainsaw Man Manga is Disgusting – A Review

Chainsaw Man Manga cover

Chainsaw Man manga was brutal to read. It was disgusting (in a good way).

This manga doesn’t care about any other story in terms of limiting their action scenes or having a simple aim of creating a better world for the main character.

This was one of the mangas where the characters decided to shut their mouth and just keep fighting without a pause.

Pro tip: Read only the words with the bold letters if you are short on time.

After reading this, I can only say: What the hell!

I am shaken.

I am amazed and flabbergasted.

Is this manga normal or is it something straight out of some other world?

First of all, Tatsuki Fujimoto – What a genius! Special thanks to him from my side.

Warning: Review contains spoilers for the manga


Chainsaw Man was incredible. Do I even need to say more about this? 

Uh … yes. 

When I first heard about this manga, the first question to come into my head was ‘What is going on?’

And the second was ‘Why is there so much hype?’

People were going crazy about this.

And then the trailer dropped. My goodness! What a banger of a trailer that was!

After watching it, I decided to pick this up. And boy was I never bored in that. 

Chainsaw Man flying in the manga
Chainsaw Man flying

From the name itself, I thought there would be a bloodbath for sure, but this much bloodbath … I did not expect it!

Absolute chaos and madness! This was just godly entertainment.

Imagine what would MAPPA produce for the anime! I get chills thinking about the soundtrack for Denji’s Chainsaw Man transformation. You better not disappoint, alright, MAPPA?

Now, let’s talk about some of the things that I liked about this immensely popular manga.

Art Style

The more I say about this, the less it will be.

The art style was something else in the manga of Chainsaw Man. There were panels with absolute destructive use of one’s art skills and everything seemed fast-paced. I liked it so much.

It involved a plethora of panels consisting of fight scenes which took the majority part of the manga itself. Each one of the panels was subject to some awestruck expression from my side.

Phenomenal and entertaining.

The thing I liked the most was the character design of the protagonist. The way how the chainsaw came out from his freaking skull!

I did not imagine that!

Chainsaw Man manga: Chainsaw Man with a chainsaw
Chainsaw Man with a chainsaw

Not only the fight scenes were exquisite but the faces of the characters were nothing like I had ever seen.

The female characters looked somewhat the same to me and yet different at the same time. 

Really looking forward to how Mappa will live up to the expectations regarding the action in the anime.

Ruthless killing by the author

Absolutely ridiculous

Isayama, is that you?

The author was killing off his characters just like chopping some vegetables with an extra sharp knife.

Throughout the story, I was like, oh, look! This character seems so lovely and then in the next chapter, he was dead. 

But I liked this practice of getting rid of characters as soon as they are introduced. The author wasn’t shy to decide a character’s fate. It was a bold move.


One word for him: Simp. But Makima was the bigger one (no one can deny that).


This was one of the main characters who doesn’t give a thought to what or who is around him. He has only one thing that he wants to do, manga readers know that well, right?

Where have you seen the main lead like Denji who doesn’t want to save the world or do something good for mankind? Man, it was no cliché. This was a unique characteristic of a protagonist.

My guy just wanted to fulfil his simple desire. But the ignorance led him somewhere else.

But I must say he is a special case and different from all the main characters that I have ever seen!


Exhilarating, phenomenal, mind-boggling, end to end action in the manga.

Thrilling action in Chainsaw Man manga
Thrilling action in Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man was all over the place in the manga. It was stunning to see him slicing everyone’s body parts! 

Do I even need to say anything in this?

The Gun Devil

What on earth was that? The character design was something straight out of different universe, I swear. 

The concept of the origination of devils from the fear of humans is really a good one as it truly explains what are the things that you and I are afraid of.

The Gun Devil
The Gun Devil

But the design of this devil could alone run someone’s blood cold, without a second thought.


Ah … the ultimate simp and the main antagonist of the story who betrays the main character.

Her reveal as the villain was massive and finely done as I had got some chills where she says:

“That’s an order”

Makima in Chainsaw Man manga

She wanted Chainsaw Man NOT Denji. Of course, he couldn’t realize this fast enough.

At first, I was like … Makima is crazy. She is a psycho. Nothing more than that. But I didn’t imagine her to be the main villain of the story. At least not at the start.

Somewhere in the middle of the story, I guess I started to notice that she was shady. And oh, man! She took away my favourite character in the story: Aki

Nevertheless, she is an awesome villain.

The depiction of hell

If you want to witness something horrifying with only a matter of pages that contain no sound, no chilling background music, no dialogues, not even colour… then the chapter containing the depiction of hell was it.

Hell, as depicted in the Chainsaw Man manga
Hell, as depicted in the manga

When I went through those chapters, I felt something inside my mind that made me feel uncomfortable. My eyes were kept wide open as I went through each panel trying to figure out what was taking place. 

The panel containing those astronauts was completely spine chilling. I was shaking the whole time.

Those were some of the greatest panels I have ever come across in any manga.


Overall, I had a stunning experience reading Chainsaw Man manga. I think I completed those 97 chapters in two to three days. I bet there would be mad lads finishing the manga within 24 hours!

Time went by so fast. I couldn’t get enough of this story. 

How many times it has happened that after reading a particular manga you just think of it every time you do some task in your life.

Chainsaw Man, as expected, had me thrilled

It had me in a sort of world where I kept pondering over what would have happened if there was no Denji in the world to guard us against Makima.

Completely bone-chilling to even think.

Regardless, long live Chainsaw Man.

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