Demon Slayer: How Suma is Similar to Inosuke and Zenitsu

Suma Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer has a lot of good characters, but recently the anime viewers got to witness Suma, the wife of Uzui Tengen.

In this blog post, you will get to understand why Suma is a mixture of Zenitsu and Inosuke.

Suma’s Similarity with Inosuke

If you would have noticed, Suma has the looks of Inosuke as it is clearly visible in episode 5 of Demon Slayer Entertainment District.

Like Inosuke, Suma has shoulder-length hair and short bangs over her forehead which makes her look attractive. Inosuke is considered one of the most beautiful characters in Demon Slayer and Suma is no exception.

Not by blood of course. But only her face looks like Inosuke’s.

She would have been completely like Inosuke if only she had the energetic and brave nature of the Wild Boar head.

This is where the sleeping guy comes in.

Similarity with Zenitsu

Suma in episode 5 of Demon Slayer Entertainment District
Suma in episode 5 of Demon Slayer Entertainment District

While Suma has the looks of Inosuke, she has got the personality of Zenitsu.

During her brief fight against the “worm-belt” in Episode 5, Suma was crying while introducing herself to Inosuke. Seeing her over exaggerating behaviour, Makio (Uzui’s other wife) was annoyed with her.

But the fans loved her. Judging from the reaction of the fans on YouTube, it seems there are a lot of people who adore Suma.

Zenitsu cries and whines most of the time in Demon Slayer and it seems like he has found a counterpart.

The creator of Demon Slayer has created the character of Suma while having the notable characteristics of the other important characters in mind.

Suma is Adorable

Everyone can agree that Suma’s character is adorable. The way her voice actor has acted to bring her character alive is appreciable.

The whining that she did while fighting and the way how she looked at Uzui Tengen was wholesome to watch. I am glad that Demon Slayer still has some light-hearted moments as most of the time the characters fight for their lives.

Nevertheless, Suma, Makio and Hinatsuru (Uzui’s 3 wives) are all lovable as their unique characteristics among themselves set them apart.

Uzui Tengen's wives
Uzui Tengen’s wives (From left: Suma, Makio, Hinatsuru)

Do you know who else is also lovable?

Rengoku Kyojuro! Read this blog to find out how Rengoku pulled the biggest flex of Demon Slayer Movie against Akaza. If you don’t want to read then you can watch this video.

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