Demon Slayer: What I learned from The Flame Hashira, Rengoku Kyojuro

Rengoku, the Flame Hashira standing before Mugen Train

The legend, Rengoku Kyojuro, the Flame Hashira, was a man with a sheer will. He taught me a couple of wonderful things that I can apply in my life. And you can too.

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In less than a couple of hours, Rengoku became a fan favourite character NOT only in Demon Slayer but in all anime. That is just remarkable in itself.

How many characters have made you fall in love in just a matter of minutes?

The only character who comes to my mind other than Rengoku is the legendary character from Attack on Titan. If you have watched the show, then you will know what I am talking about. Any guesses? 

I am referring to ‘The Owl’, Eren Kruger. His theme is just on another level. Be sure to check it out.

Eren Kruger showing off
Eren Kruger showing off

Now, Rengoku has once again come back from 6 feet under. 

On 10th October, Demon Slayer Season 2 began with the Mugen Train arc and fans were mesmerized to see him. Twitter went crazy, YouTube went crazy, social media went berserk and everywhere hype was off the charts.

This is a treat for fans like me and you or I should say diehard fans like me and you. 

NO, you and only you. I am not his diehard fan. I am not a Rengoku stan. 

But …

I do respect him a lot for his character, for his values and his freaking overpowered determination. That is enough for me to respect a character day in day out.

Whichever ground you talk about, Rengoku has proved himself.

Abundance of Will Power

The best thing that I liked about his character is that, as I said earlier, he was a man of sheer freaking will

Against Akaza, in one of the best fights that I have ever seen in entertainment history, Rengoku didn’t fight to win. He fought to protect his people.

In the middle of the fight, Rengoku knew that the Upper Moon 3 was stronger than him, but still, he continued to fight if not to crush his opponent he swore to save his people from the wrath of Akaza.

Rengoku clearly showed why he was the Flame Hashira.

Rengoku fighting to protect
Rengoku fighting to protect

Now ask yourself, in the place of Rengoku, would you have fought against Akaza with a resolution of that kind?

Would you have fought, after getting badly injured, to save your beloved people from the wrath of a bloodthirsty demon?

Now you can apply this resolve of Rengoku in your life as well. I know, Rengoku was just a character in a movie and anime series, but for the people who know him, who understood him by heart, he was a man with a purpose and hence, a prominent figure in the life of us mortals.

You don’t have to take his resolve literally. I mean, you don’t have to fight some goons on the way home and say that “I will save my friends” and all that stuff, but you can do something smaller. 

I know things are not easy in real life. But we can try, right?

Example 1

For instance, if you are a student studying in a school, you could take the blame for something that your friends did to protect them. And believe me, if they are good people, realizing that what you are doing, your friends will refuse to accept that you took the blame for something that they did and they will feel regret.

Later, they will surely appreciate and never forget what you did for them. They will never do anything wrong again.

Example 2  

If you are having an exam in school or college or university, just remember Rengoku on the night of the fight against Akaza. Remember what he was determined to do at that moment. He said that he would not let anyone die in the hands of Akaza. 

The Flame Hashira, Rengoku's flamboyant third form against Akaza
Rengoku’s flamboyant third form against Akaza

So in your case, you could say something like:

“No matter what happens, I will not let myself fail this exam. I will surely pass it and give my loved ones a reason to be happy for!”

Set your heart ablaze

Rengoku flashing his breathtaking art
Rengoku flashing his breathtaking art

“Set your heart ablaze”. 

Rengoku Kyojuro, Flame Hashira

Remember this quote for the rest of your life. Setting your heart ablaze will give you a much-needed drive to start your task.

Some of you would think what kind of nonsense am I spouting, but trust me, these small things can drive an individual to a whole different level. It is only after some days that we realize this.

This small but really powerful thing taught me to start my own YouTube channel (Deep Fiction) and this website on which you are reading this post right now. My heart is still blazing and I hope it continues to do so so that I keep running my channel and website forever.

There are so many things that a character, who does not even exist, can teach you a lot of things about life and the things that they teach you will be so relatable too.

And people say, “What kind of cartoon for children are you watching? Do something useful!”

Well, let me tell you that, jokes on you!

I am learning so much from watching anime. Hell! If you watch just Naruto, you can learn all the life lessons that you will need.

As an audience, although it is just a matter of interest, we should not watch a show or a movie for just entertainment. We should learn something from it, we should gain something from it. We should take a lesson out from it and apply it in our own life.

ENERGY Level: 100

Rengoku laughing with his flashy eyebrows
Rengoku laughing with his flashy eyebrows

Another small but wholesome thing that I like about Rengoku is that he is filled with enthusiasm. Every cell in his body contains some level of excitement.

I doubt if I have ever seen a character with as much excitement and happiness as Rengoku. His eyes are always so happy that they can even make a heartless person smile.

Even the most flamboyant man, Uzui Tengen acknowledges his unmatched energy.

The way how he speaks is just mesmerizing to see. And his voice is also really soothing, just like what Muichiro Tokito said in the first ep of Demon Slayer season 2. Props to the voice actor.

Being enthusiastic can make your life a lot better, and whatever you do, you will feel like you can do any task even if you used to despise it earlier. 

Your ordinary day to day work will look like some whole new adventure.

Acknowledge Food

Another thing that we can learn from Rengoku is to appreciate food which we take for granted. 

Surely we are not fighting some demons regularly that we would have to worry about thinking that this could be the last time that we eat food but, we can at least appreciate the food that is on our plate and be thankful to the person who cooked for us.

These small gestures can make someone’s day.


The confident face of Rengoku, the Flame Hashira
The confident face of Rengoku

Rengoku stays:

  • Determined
  • Enthusiastic

Be like Rengoku. That’s enough to learn from him.

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Now, one thing has always bothered me.

Have you imagined what would have happened if Rengoku had decided to abandon his post as the Flame Hashira and accept Akaza’s offer to become a demon? Oh, boy!

He would surely have become stronger than Akaza. Right?

Maybe that could be another blog idea? Maybe.

Akaza did win the battle against Rengoku but for him, he had done his job already. He didn’t let a single person die that night. For fans like you and me, Rengoku technically won!

Do you know which manga won against another highly acclaimed manga?

Tokyo Revengers!

Tokyo Revengers manga broke the sales record of Attack on Titan manga in just half a year. Amazing, right? Find out how it beat a mammoth of a franchise.

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