Demon Slayer: Wind Hashira, Sanemi Shinazugawa Was Misunderstood

Sanemi Shinazugawa

I bet when you watched Demon Slayer episode 22 for the first time, you lashed out at Sanemi Shinazugawa, the reckless wind Hashira. I mean, Sanemi attacked Nezuko (the most beloved girl of the series).

Did you feel wrong and enraged when Sanemi pierced his sword into Nezuko’s body?

Did you feel like going insane when he hit Nezuko for the third time with his sword while Tanjiro screamed?

I am not wrong, am I? You did all those things.

Now, considerable time has passed when season 1 ended, do you regret getting angry at Sanemi?

No? Then you should be!


Sanemi Shinazugawa (have you memorised his name?) was NOT wrong to treat Nezuko (your favourite?) like the way he did in that episode.

I am NOT mentioning anything about his backstory or from the manga like other sources. This is solely based on the anime (ep 22 of season 1).

(Still, if you want to know about his backstory then see this video).

So, here’s why the wind Hashira was justified for his harsh acts. Scroll down if you want to read the blog instead of watching the video below.

Sanemi is a Demon Slayer


Sanemi Shinazugawa with Shinobu (left)
Sanemi with Shinobu (left)

Sanemi is a demon slayer. Not just that, he is at the highest position in the demon slayer organisation: A Hashira (at the age of 21).

Now you would probably ask me: “So what?”

Well, before you ask me, ask yourself: “What is the job of a demon slayer?”

Don’t work up your mind. I will tell the answer for you: “To slay demons.”


On that day, Sanemi was doing the same thing. He was trying to slay Nezuko, a demon. What is wrong with that?

Sanemi Shinazugawa stabbing Nezuko
Sanemi stabbing Nezuko

I understand that he was a bit harsh but that doesn’t change the fact that all demon slayers hate demons. I mean, that is the sole fact why they are even there in the first place.

Some want to make the world a better place, some want to avenge their loved ones. In the end, they will kill the demons, without mercy.

This is why not just Sanemi Shinazugawa, but all the Hashiras except Giyu and Mitsuri were asking questions about Tanjiro carrying a demon with him. They literally wanted both siblings dead (even Rengoku!).

People also bashed the beloved flame hashira, Rengoku! And now, look where that got him. If only they knew.

Bottom line is, all the demon slayers hate demons and they would not acknowledge someone who had a demon with them. Sanemi was no exception. No wonder he was going to kill Nezuko.

Think from both perspectives

As the audience, we should try to think and analyse the situation of a scene from both perspectives and not just from the character’s point of view.

We know the story from Tanjiro’s perspective, so of course, anyone would support him as they know his tragic story.

But what about the other characters?

Everyone in real life is not like Giyu (although he also tried to send Nezuko to the afterlife) who would understand other’s situations and then act accordingly.


Some want to handle things in their own way. Sanemi wanted to do the same thing if not for Nezuko refusing to drink his blood.

People also supported Tanjiro and Nezuko blindly. Without knowing anything about Sanemi and the other Hashiras, they completely rejected them and sided with the siblings.

I didn’t do this. I didn’t jump directly to a conclusion. Neither should you.

In fact, Sanemi became my favourite character in Demon Slayer after his “harsh” act (Yes, I am not kidding). That was until Akaza showed up in the Mugen Train movie (yes, I have read the manga).

What to learn from this?

There is one thing that you can learn from this blog post. It is:-

Don’t jump to conclusions. Sanemi Shinazugawa (the name is long, right?), the wind Hashira is a good person.

Take a bit of time, understand the situation, think from both points of view, then take action.

Sanemi, the wind Hashira, does have respect for his master
Sanemi does have respect for his master

Trust me, your decision-making ability will improve by great standards.

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