Fiction Tier Review: Tokyo Revengers Anime

Tokyo Revengers

Welcome to Fiction Tier – A spoiler-free rating system by me (Suman Sourabh) to rank some piece of narrative as per some tier (God Tier, S, A, B, C, D, Trash). In this blog post, let me review an anime that has stormed the hearts and minds of people in the name of Tokyo Revengers.

Feel free to just read the words or lines in bold if you have less time so that you grasp the main points that what I am telling you.

After the conclusion of its first season, Tokyo Revengers is a show that has made its place on the list of so many people’s favourite shows. I bet on that.

In this show, middle school kids join gangs, get involved in violent gang fights and make themselves more memorable for the watcher.

This show has made me its mega-fan who enjoyed every episode from the first to the last. Without any further ado, let’s get into detail.

If you are in a hurry and want to straightaway see the tier that I have put this in, scroll down and jump at the end to see it. Make sure to watch the show if you find this Tokyo Revengers review helpful.

Summary of the show

This show is about a man named Hanagaki Takemichi, 26, who learns that his former high school girlfriend, Hinata Tachibana, has died and shortly after, he accidentally travels 12 years into the past to his school years. In order to save the love of his life from future tragedy, he must do anything to prevent the bad outcome.

Tokyo Revengers is pretty much story focused show and is about gangs, which involve multiple gang activities like riding bikes, getting engaged in gang fights and gang politics.

The middle school kids do everything except study, which is clear in the show. This was really funny because after all, they were kids, what else were they supposed to do?

Tokyo Revengers Poster
The poster of the show

But all these funny parts and comedy was taken out from the show when the characters started to fight each other. There is no normal fight in this show. They fight with their knives and freaking metal pipes!

Surprising, right?


The show has a strong story with many twists and turns. Almost every episode contains about one plot twist. This is a wild quality of this show.

Unpredictable events come and go like passengers going in and out of a crowded train. The story is enjoyable and takes the watcher by surprise. In my case, I was definitely shocked by some events that took place in this show.

Other than this, the story also has the concept of time travel, a high profile topic in the history of the entertainment and fiction world. I must say, this show uses time travel like no other.


This department took me by surprise.

Tokyo Revengers has characters who have the most drip in their arsenal. I doubt that you would have seen any other group of characters in a show having more drip. You just can’t take your eyes off them.

Tokyo Revengers Characters with drip
Characters with drip

Apart from the drip, the show has done a lot of work on making the characters memorable. I felt attached to each one of them in a very short time. It takes hefty work to flesh out the characters and this show has done it well.

Overall, in the upcoming seasons, the characters in this show are strong and will surely have the potential to surpass your favourite character in any anime that you have watched till now.

By the way, my favourite character in the show is Hanemiya Kazutora. It pains me to know that many people don’t understand his character.

Opening and Ending

Talking about the opening and ending songs is deserved for this show as both were clear bangers. There is no way a person on earth would not like them.

The opening is very relatable for the whole show and mainly to the main character who is suffering so much in his life.

The second ending song is very energetic and resembles all the fighting and courage that the characters endure in the show. I was actually in awe of it on thinking about how fire that song was.

Both are available on YouTube. Do listen to them.


Fights, fights and fights. What else do you need?

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Another major department for a show that is done right.

The soundtracks were very enjoyable and entertaining. I could feel the intensity when in certain scenes the characters converse with each other while the soundtrack was playing. Each soundtrack was different from the other.

They have variety in them too. Some were for happy scenes, some for ferocious fighting ones, and some for the sad ones. You won’t feel like the soundtrack is getting repeated. Each scene had its own meaning with the music and it felt good.


Crybaby Hero, literally.

Now, a lot of anime watchers hate Takemichi, the main character partly because he cries a lot, and repeats his objective every time. I get it, but I liked him. At least, he isn’t afraid.

Hangaki Takemichi
Hangaki Takemichi

The main character of this shounen show is unique, I would say. A lot of shows have portrayed their protagonist as one of the strongest ones in the show if not the strongest.

But Takemichi is different. He is physically weak, whines a lot but he has one of the most courage of all and won’t give up. He cares about his friends and I think that is really important. Right?


This is one of the strongest appeals to this show. I believe this is the best thing that the show could produce. Giving the main villain (Kisaki Tetta) that would make the whole show so interesting to watch, must be hard for the creator.

Being the main villain, the character is still very much underrated. He is a really smart one and terrorises the others as if they saw a ghost. I like him as a character. He will put any watcher into a frenzy.

You will probably hate the main villain but after watching the show, you would understand that what I was trying to say.

Tier: S

Taking everything into account, I am going to straightaway announce and throw this in an S tier box.

Tokyo Revengers S Tier

I definitely enjoyed this show to an extent where this anime has become one of the best (potentially the best) anime of 2021 (for me). That’s a pretty big thing!

If I were to summarise this show in just two words, I would say:

Absolute Banger.

Now with the help of this review of Tokyo Revengers, you know if you can watch it or not, yeah?

Recently, Tokyo Revengers manga beat the world record of manga sales of Attack On Titan. Crazy, right? Find out how.

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