Gyutaro vs Rengoku: Who Will Win?

Gyutaro vs Rengoku Kyojuro

Gyutaro vs Rengoku Kyojuro, who would not be hyped to see this battle! These Demon Slayer characters have shown that they can fight with flashy techniques. Maybe you know who will be the winner, right?

In this blog, we will be analyzing both the fighters on multiple parameters and there will be a winner in each parameter, ultimately deciding the overall winner at the end.

Do read the full post. But if you have less time, then just read the text in bold and scroll to the end to see the ultimate winner of this amazing battle.

NOTE: This battle analysis is my opinion, not official information.

Without any further ado, let’s introduce the competitors.


  1. Gyutaro – Upper Rank 6
  2. Rengoku Kyojuro – Flame Hashira

Now, let’s start the analysis!

Gyutaro vs Rengoku

Let’s analyze the first factor.


The intimidation factor will account for the amount of energy someone has that can make him look more threatening to the eye. Out of the two, who has a more scary appearance that by just one look at the opponent, they would feel fear?

The appearance of Gyutaro and Rengoku
The appearance of Gyutaro and Rengoku

On one hand, we have Gyutaro who looks like a menace to the eye.

  • His dishevelled appearance and a pissed-off look on his face accompanied by sharp teeth in his mouth make him a fearsome individual.
  • He wears no shirt and possesses a couple of sickles dipped in blood as his main weapon. Anyone would be scared if they accidentally encounter Gyutaro.

On the other hand, there is Rengoku, who looks like a man who spreads positive energy around him.

  • He has red and yellow hair and wears the Demon Slayer uniform with a cape of his own that resembles the flame pattern.
  • He uses a Nichirin sword that he uses to fight against demons.
  • Other than this, he always seems happy and energetic.

Looking upon these two, it doesn’t look like Rengoku will look threatening to anyone as he always dawns a happy face without any kind of malice. The only time he looked a bit threatening was when he used Esoteric Art against Akaza (Upper Moon 3).

Rengoku using Esoteric Art against Akaza
Rengoku uses Esoteric Art against Akaza

Whereas Gyutaro always looks like he is about to kill someone. His thin appearance makes him more awkward and his sickles make him a terrifying character. Anyone will tremble with unimaginable fear after seeing the Upper rank 6. Without a doubt, he has a more intimidating appearance.

Winner: Gyutaro

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Resolve is the determination to do something. It is a huge factor to win any battle. If a person has no resolve, no matter how much he tries, he is bound to fail.

Although Gyutaro had a resolve to kill the demon slayers and destroy anyone who hurts his sister Daki, he is no match for Rengoku. The resolve of Rengoku was much higher than Gyutaro’s.

Rengoku while fighting Akaza
Rengoku while fighting Akaza

This was evident when in the Mugen train arc, Rengoku showed no signs of backing down against Akaza, who was much stronger than him. Without caring for himself, he swore to fulfil his duty in the form of protecting everyone against the wrath of Akaza.

This was just a trailer as in the last phase of his fight against Akaza, Rengoku refused to give up. He didn’t let go of Akaza’s hand from inside him and swore to kill him with his Nichirin sword. This was a major flex by Rengoku in the whole story.

Clearly, the winner is the Flame Hashira.

Winner: Rengoku Kyojuro


In a battle, speed can change the tide around so easily. Anyone with a higher speed takes dominance over the one with a lesser speed. Both the characters are known to have a great pace.

Gyutaro has shown that he can travel between two given points in a blink of an eye.

  • We have seen him closing in on Tanjiro in just milliseconds when Tanjiro was having his monologue.
  • Being an Upper-rank demon, Gyutaro has immense speed which he also used to deflect the kunai attack by Hinatsuru (one of Uzui’s wives) using his Blood Demon Art: Rampant Arc Rampage.

Being a Hashira, Rengoku also has incredible speed.

  • We saw this in the Mugen Train arc when he used his unbelievable speed to close in on Akaza. That was the first scene where we got a clear idea about how fast Rengoku was.
  • According to Inosuke, it seemed Rengoku was in a different dimension.
  • In the same arc, we witnessed how fast he chased the Slasher demon on the railway tracks with the help of a technique called Total Concentration Breathing. He was out on the tracks in the blink of an eye.
Rengoku running at max speed in Mugen Train arc (anime)
Rengoku running at max speed in Mugen Train arc (anime)

For this category, Rengoku should be the clear winner as he can use Total Concentration Breathing at will. He was also up against Akaza who was an Upper Rank 3 demon, way stronger than Gyutaro. We know that Akaza was toying with him, but even he complimented Rengoku for his speed which Tanjiro couldn’t even see.

While Gyutaro was showing immense speed during his fight against Uzui and Tanjiro, I think against Rengoku, he would be outclassed as with a higher resolve, Rengoku will outpace him.

Winner: Rengoku Kyojuro


Skill is a dominating factor as it can determine a rough idea of who wins the fight. Both the competitors have showcased a number of moments when they used skill to surprise their respective opponents.

Gyutaro has a Great Skill!

In the Entertainment District arc, Gyutaro fought toe to toe against Uzui and swiftly countered his attacks with his.

  • At the start, he threw his blood sickles at Uzui by which Tanjiro was left thinking.
  • He can also manipulate the slashes of blood that he used against the Sound Hashira using one of his Blood Demon Arts.
  • He also used another one of his Blood Demon Arts with little to no effort to evade the Kunai attack by Hinatsuru, which surprised her.
Gyutaro using his Blood Demon Art to evade the Kunai attack
Gyutaro uses his Blood Demon Art to evade the Kunai attack
  • Apart from this, he can also give one of his eyes to his sister and that gives him the ability to sense whatever she does.
  • He can coordinate both their attacks and help her if she is in trouble. This is a remarkable skill and shows how strong Gyutaro is.

Rengoku had Remarkable Swordsmanship

  • At the start of his fight with Akaza, he was able to block each and every attack with his sword alone.
  • He was continuously using several of his breathing forms to inflict some damage on Akaza, but it was futile.
  • Upon using his 9th form “Rengoku”, noticing that he couldn’t cut Akaza’s head off, he turned his sword to change the direction and moved upwards in a second attempt to slice the demon’s head from the body. Unfortunately, it didn’t work but this showed how fast his thinking process was.
Rengoku fighting Akaza in the Mugen Train movie
Rengoku uses 3rd form of Flame Breathing against Akaza in the Mugen Train movie
  • Later, Akaza’s right arm was stuck inside Rengoku’s body as the Hashira didn’t let go of it.
  • He also stopped Akaza’s fatal left-hand punch with his own hand when Akaza was finally serious.
  • Apart from fighting, Rengoku had learned most of the Flame Breathing techniques with just a guidebook and practised them himself, without a tutor. That is beyond imaginable for a human being.

These demonstrations of a powerful set of skills leave both the fighters on somewhat the same level.

Gyutaro had over a hundred years of experience as a demon, but Rengoku was only twenty years old and yet he was a Hashira. Judging from the views of Uzui Tengen, Rengoku was stronger than him. Moreover, Uzui had a lot of problems fighting against Gyutaro. Whereas Rengoku fought Akaza and troubled him at the last where even after being serious, Akaza had to put a lot of effort to make himself free from Rengoku.

So the Flame Hashira should take the win.

Winner: Rengoku Kyojuro


Damage/effectiveness is one of the most powerful traits of a fighter. Most of the time, the fighter who inflicts more damage to an opponent, takes the win. Gyutaro and Rengoku seem to inflict heavy damage on their opponents.

The demon Gyutaro plays with his two sickles that can also infect the opponent with some poison.

Gyutaro using his Blood Demon Art against Uzui Tengen
Gyutaro used his Blood Demon Art against Uzui Tengen

A direct hit from Gyutaro can have serious consequences.

  • In the Entertainment District arc, Gyutaro infected both Uzui and Inosuke with his poison.
  • Uzui showed some resistance to his poison as he was a former shinobi, but even so, both would have surely died if not for Nezuko saving them in the end. Such poison on Rengoku would be fatal.

Is Gyutaro stronger than Akaza?

Gyutaro might be really strong, but against Akaza, he would be no match.

Akaza is the Upper Moon 3, a lot stronger than Upper Moons 4, 5 and 6. He was not even serious against Rengoku, a pretty strong Hashira.

Therefore, no. Gyutaro is not stronger than Akaza.

Rengoku’s attacks with his sword would also be deadly as according to Akaza, he was close to the realm of the highest.

  • The Flame Hashira destroyed a total of three demons with a single blow in the Mugen Train arc alone!
  • He was desperate against Akaza and used the 9th form of Flame Breathing, Rengoku, his strongest breathing form, but still, it wasn’t enough.

Rengoku’s flawless attacks would definitely work against Gyutaro but I highly doubt that he will be able to sustain Gyutaro’s poison. If his poison goes inside Rengoku’s body then I guess, it is game over for the beloved Flame Hashira.

Winner: Gyutaro

This concludes the battle. The result is declared below.

Can Rengoku beat Gyutaro?

Gyutaro vs Rengoku Battle Chart
Rengoku wins 3-2

From the above data, it is clear that the damage factor wasn’t enough for Gyutaro to win this battle. No doubt Gyutaro is a strong demon, but when it comes to fighting Rengoku, the Flame Hashira will have the upper hand. If Rengoku stays clear from his deadly poison, then no one can stop him from taking the win.

The conclusion: Rengoku will most likely beat Gyutaro, the Upper Moon 6.

Overall Winner: Rengoku Kyojuro

So now you know the answer to what if Rengoku fought Gyutaro! Do you agree?

What an intense battle! Did you love it?

Gyutaro and Rengoku are both extraordinary characters having amazing qualities. Write in the comments, who is your favourite character of Demon Slayer?

Feel free to add your views about this deep battle of Gyutaro vs Rengoku in the comments. More battles will be coming soon on this website!

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