Gyutaro vs Uzui Tengen: Who Would Win?

Gyutaro and Uzui Tengen

Gyutaro vs Uzui Tengen, are you excited for this battle? Uzui has already fought Gyutaro in the original Demon Slayer story, but he also had to fight Daki. What would happen if Uzui fights one on one with only Gyutaro and nobody else to assist both the fighters?

In this blog post, we will analyze the “real” one on one fair battle between Uzui and Gyutaro. Their abilities will be tested on the basis of certain battle attributes and each attribute will have a winner. At the end of this blog, the ultimate winner will be announced.

Do read the full post. But if you have less time, then just read the text in bold and scroll at the end to see the ultimate winner of this amazing battle. This is the second battle in the Deep Battle series.

NOTE: This is only my opinion, not official information.

Without any further ado, let’s introduce the competitors.


  1. Gyutaro – Upper Rank 6
  2. Uzui Tengen – Sound Hashira

Now, let’s start the deep battle analysis!

Deep Battle: Gyutaro vs Uzui Tengen

Let’s go over the first battle attribute.


The intimidation factor accounts for the appearance that someone has that can make them look more threatening to the eye. Out of the two, who has a more scary appearance that by just one look at the opponent, they would feel fear?

Gyutaro and Uzui Appearance
Gyutaro and Uzui Appearance

Gyutaro’s Appearance

  • On one hand, there is Gyutaro who looks like a complete devil to the eye because of his dishevelled appearance and a pissed-off look on his face accompanied by sharp teeth in his mouth.
  • He wears no shirt and possesses a couple of sickles dipped in blood as his main weapon. Anyone will be scared if they accidentally encounter Gyutaro.

Uzui’s Appearance

  • On the other hand, we have Uzui who is a tall and muscular man of 23 years of age.
  • He has long white hair and wears the sleeveless Demon Slayer uniform.
  • He is the only Hashira to use dual Nichirin swords to fight against demons.
  • Apart from this, he always stays in a happy mood while being flamboyant all the time.

Uzui doesn’t look threatening to the eye as his cheerful face keeps brimming with confidence and shows no kind of evil energy. Only his muscular build can be a point of trouble for his opponent.

Compared to Gyutaro’s appearance, Uzui won’t have a chance to threaten him as the Upper rank 6 demon already looks like a menace. His thin appearance makes him more awkward and his sickles make him a terrifying opponent. Without a doubt, he has a more intimidating appearance.

Winner: Gyutaro

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This factor determines the willpower and bravery of a fighter. Humans in the Demon Slayer universe have been depicted to possess ultimate resolve. Such examples are Rengoku, Tanjiro and Gyomei.

Likewise, Uzui has shown his resolve to kill Gyutaro even after his left arm was cut by him.

Uzui moving to beat Gyutaro
Uzui moving to beat Gyutaro
  • He was also poisoned and was continuously losing his grip over his life.
  • But these injuries didn’t lower his willpower as Uzui was ready to give it all against the Upper 6.

Gyutaro had an aim to not forgive anyone who would trouble his sister.

  • His sister was his weakness, as told by Muzan himself.
  • But in this fight, if his sister was not there then it could be considered that Gyutaro would have no aim.
  • Even if he chose to kill the demon slayers his resolve wouldn’t be strong as Uzui’s as demons have this superiority issue. Gyutaro’s carelessness could mean that he wouldn’t survive the fight against the Sound Hashira.

Winner: Uzui Tengen

It seems Gyutaro vs Uzui Tengen battle is at a draw. What would happen in the next round?


Skill is a factor that basically accounts for the expertise of a fighter. Both the competitors have showcased a number of moments when they used skills to surprise each other.

Gyutaro’s astonishing Skills

In the Entertainment District arc, Gyutaro fought one-on-one with Uzui and swiftly countered his attacks with his.

The deadly sickles of Gyutaro
The deadly sickles of Gyutaro
  • At the start, Gyutaro threw his blood sickles at Uzui but Tengen was unfazed.
  • He also manipulated his slashes of blood using one of his Blood Demon Arts but still, Uzui was able to counter it with his explosion.
  • Gyutaro also used another one of his Blood Demon Arts with little to no effort to evade the Kunai attack by Hinatsuru, but he didn’t realize that Uzui was using his senses to close in on him within an instant.

Uzui for the win at the moment.

  • Considered a massive ability, Gyutaro can give one of his eyes to his sister and that gives him the ability to sense whatever she does.
  • He can coordinate both their attacks and help her if she is in trouble.
  • Gyutaro also used his stunning regeneration abilities to surprise Uzui at one moment.

Remarkable Skills of Uzui Tengen

  • Uzui has created his own breathing formed named Sound Breathing, the derivative of Thunder Breathing.
  • He has unbelievable hearing senses that he used to find out if the people escaped or not.

Uzui has outstanding swordsmanship and combat abilities.

Uzui fighting against Gyutaro's manipulative slashes of blood
Uzui’s Extraordinary Swordsmanship skills
  • He was smoothly handling the slashes of blood by swinging his blades in all directions!
  • At the start of his fight with Gyutaro, he was able to block each and every attack with his swords alone.
  • He only used his breathing forms three times in the whole fight.
  • Uzui has remarkable intelligence as he used his explosives twice to decapitate Daki with a little effort.

These demonstrations of a powerful set of skills leave both the fighters on somewhat the same level. Uzui had a lot of problems while fighting Gyutaro, but he countered his attacks every time. This shows that the Sound Hashira honed his skills to the next level and that too, without awakening his mark. For this round, the Sound Hashira should take the win.

Winner: Uzui Tengen


Fatigue accounts for how tired or exhausted a fighter is. Using more energy and techniques will increase fatigue and high fatigue will have serious consequences for a fighter.

  • Being a human, it is understandable that Uzui will lose more energy if he will keep fighting.
  • This is what happened in his original fight against Gyutaro, but with his resolve, he was able to continue the fight.

Gyutaro is a demon and that too, an Upper rank.

  • Upper-rank demons are known to have close to infinite stamina as they can fight for days.
  • If there will be no one to assist Uzui then most likely, Gyutaro wins the battle.

Winner: Gyutaro


The damage factor is one of the most powerful traits of a fighter. Most of the time, the fighter who inflicts more damage to an opponent, takes the win. Both the fighters showed impressive combat in one of the best fights of Demon Slayer to date.

Uzui and Gyutaro fighting one on one
Uzui and Gyutaro fighting one on one
  • Uzui’s Sound breathing forms are strong and they were putting up a fight against Gyutaro, but all they could do was scratch a bit of his body.
  • Gyutaro was able to heal his injuries with no effort due to his unparalleled Upper-rank regeneration ability.
  • The only way to deal the most effective damage on Gyutaro was to cut his head.

Gyutaro played with his sickles like a mad man and countered Uzui’s techniques with his deadly Blood Demon Arts. All this is impressive for Gyutaro but he has one more trick up his sleeve: Using poison!

The poison was used on Uzui in the original fight and it infected Uzui really badly. Although being a former Shinobi, Uzui was able to resist the infection, but he surely would have died on the battlefield but Nezuko saved him. It is clear that if no one was around to save Uzui from his poison then the Sound Hashira would have lost.

Winner: Gyutaro

Who is the Ultimate Winner?

Gyutaro vs Uzui Tengen Battle Summary
Gyutaro and Uzui Battle Summary

Even if another attribute was added in the above data, no one would be able to stop Gyutaro from beating Uzui Tengen. In the original fight, Gyutaro had to protect his sister too, so he couldn’t show his full potential. Uzui was getting help from the other demon slayers but still, he was on the verge of death.

In the original story, Gyutaro was killed but if he was without any hindrance, it would be the other way around in this battle.

Overall Winner: Gyutaro

Gyutaro is the ultimate winner
Gyutaro is the Ultimate Champion of this battle!

Whoa! A demon won at the end! How strange!

It seems Gyutaro vs Uzui Tengen was a great battle! Feel free to add your views about this deep battle between Gyutaro and Uzui in the comments.

Gyutaro and Uzui are both extraordinary characters having amazing qualities. Write in the comments, who do you like more: Uzui or Gyutaro?

More battles will be coming soon on this website!

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