Haitani Brothers vs Mitsuya and Hakkai

Mitsuya Takashi happy

What would happen in a fight between the older charismatic Haitani brothers vs Mitsuya and Hakkai, the newer charismatic ones?

Tokyo Revengers manga concluded their fight with a result that everyone loved!

This blog covers exactly that. Let us see how did the fight go down!

Haitani Brothers vs Mitsuya and Hakkai

The fans had hyped up this fight all over the internet and Chapter 248 started what they had been waiting for.

At first, Ran enraged Hakkai with his bold words and because of that Hakkai lost his cool. He ran towards the brothers but it was their plan to lure Hakkai away into an ambush.

Hakkai got caught in their trap and was beaten by several members of the Kantou Manji gang.

Mitsuya quickly reached the spot where Hakkai lay badly bruised. Hakkai told his captain that they were both trapped and it was the plan of the Haitani brothers.

Mitsuya trapped by the members of Kantou Manji gang

The Haitani brothers were hoping that Mitsuya and Hakkai would surrender in no time after getting surrounded by multiple gang members. But this didn’t happen!

Mitsuya showed his strength and destroyed a group of Kantou Manji members alone. The former 2nd division captain of Toman called and commanded Hakkai to get up and he did!

Ran and Rindou were stunned. Mitsuya and Hakkai were now ready for a “fair” battle. This was a great moment!

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Hakkai Shiba vs Rindou Haitani

Hakkai knew that the brothers were insanely strong when they fought together, so he made up a plan and decided to separate them.

Suddenly, Hakkai charged toward the brothers and took Rindou away with him. Ran was stunned to see his little brother vanishing away from his eyes.

Hakki quickly defeated Rindou and took his revenge against the brothers when he was beaten mercilessly by them in the Tenjiku arc.

Ran Haitani vs Mitsuya Takashi

When Hakkai charged at Rindou and fled with him, it was up to Mitsuya to do the rest. 

Taking that huge opportunity, out of nowhere, Mitsuya nearly teleported to a point-blank distance from Ran and punched him hard in his stomach, who fell to the ground in pain.

Mitsuya had the upper hand and from that point, there was no turning back. He kicked Ran hard and later asked him if he was going to fight more, but Ran surrendered while having a smile on his face.

Mitsuya kicks Ran Haitani in Chapter 249 of Tokyo Revengers manga

Mitsuya admitted that it was a good fight and this ended the short duel between Ran and Mitsuya.


Who won?

Mitsuya and Hakkai won the fight against the Haitani brothers.

Although the fight was good, some fans weren’t satisfied with it because:

  • It was short.
  • The fight featured only one shot moves.
  • It perhaps didn’t unlock the full potential of the characters

Well, the whole fight is subject to interpretation but Ken Wakui did a fine job with it. 

Let me know in the comments, did you love this fight of the Haitani brothers vs Mitsuya and Hakkai?

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