How Did Sanzu get his scars?

Haruchiyo Sanzu beating guys of valhalla

Haruchiyo Sanzu of Tokyo Revengers has scars, you would already know it. But have you ever wondered how did he get those scars?

Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 241 has the answer! In this blog, we will find that answer and we will also see why this revelation is getting some backlash from the fans.

How Did Sanzu Get Scars in Tokyo revengers?

How Sanzu got his scars
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Sanzu Haruchiyo’s Backstory

In Chapter 241, Kawaragi Senju, Sanzu’s sister, revealed a story that occurred during her childhood. She said that there were three close friends at that time: Mikey, Baji, and Sanzu.

Once, Mikey was playing with his toy aeroplane that his brother, Shinichiro, had made. He was very fond of it. He had ordered everyone to not touch it.

Senju saw that plane and immediately loved it. She wanted to play with it. So when she found the plane in an empty room, she picked it up and started to play with it.


She accidentally broke Mikey’s beloved toy and was horrified by it. Mikey found his toy on the floor broken and decimated into pieces. He, with his threatening eyes, asked Senju if she had seen the person who broke it.

Senju knew that she had broken it, but she was so terrified of Mikey that she put all the blame on Sanzu, her dear brother.

Later, when Senju was reading a book, she suddenly heard noises from outside. She rushed to the spot and saw Baji desperately trying to stop Mikey.

Mikey had lost his cool and was destroying poor Sanzu. He had ripped his face off and told Sanzu to laugh despite having a bloody face.

What a maniac!

Poor Sanzu had no choice but to laugh. From then on, it can be considered that Sanzu got this “Joker” type personality.

why fans are disappointed?

When Senju was explaining to Takemichi that she was the reason for Mikey’s dark impulsivity, fans didn’t think that this would be the backstory regarding it.

Fans didn’t think that a mere toy would be the reason for Mikey’s darkness.

People were expecting something grand, something more meaningful, something big related to his elder brother.

  • Some are saying that Ken Wakui (creator of Tokyo Revengers) got out of ideas.
  • Some say that maybe Ken will expand this part more.

Well, let’s see how the story goes from here.

Personally, I believe the origin of Mikey’s dark impulsivity should be explored more. Fans wouldn’t be justified by seeing just a toy for all the chaos created by Mikey.


Do you know why Kazutora is the way he is? What if I tell you that no one understood the character of Kazutora, then what would you say?

Well, read that post to find out and clear all your doubts.

FAQ about Sanzu’s Scars Reveal

Read some frequently asked questions about the character of Sanzu and the shocking reveal behind his marked face.

1. Who gave Sanzu his scars?

Sano Manjiro (Mikey). Mikey hurt Sanzu’s face because he thought Sanzu had destroyed his toy aeroplane.

2. Where did Sanzu get his scars?

Sanzu got his scars outside Mikey’s house.

3. Who is Sanzu’s sister?

Kawaragi Senju is Sanzu’s sister.

4. When is Sanzu’s backstory revealed?

His backstory is revealed in Chapter 241 of Tokyo Revengers manga.

5. What did Senju do to Sanzu?

Senju blamed Sanzu for destroying Mikey’s toy aeroplane. In reality, Senju was the one who had broken the toy.

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