How Gabi Braun Exposed Hypocrisy of Attack On Titan Fandom

Gabi AOT

Gabi Braun – A name that haunts Sasha fans to this day. How cruel Attack On Titan can be. Why is Gabi hated?

People say that Gabi’s character is straight trash, but in reality, it is not. Actually, Gabi exposed the hypocrisy of AOT fandom in just one episode.

What a savage!

In this blog, we will discuss the reasons why Gabi is hated and why she wasn’t wrong.

Before explaining how she exposed the watchers of AOT, let me mention who is Gabi and what did she do that revealed the dirty side of the anime watchers.

Feel free to skip this part.

Who is Gabi Braun?

Gabi, a 12-year-old girl and the cousin of Reiner Braun, is a warrior candidate looking to inherit the Armored Titan. She is Eldian who is fighting for the Marleyian army.

She, like all the other kids and people of Marley, is brainwashed into believing that all the people of Paradis are devils. Can’t blame her, she is just a kid.

What did Gabi do and why do people hate her?

During the raid at Libero, the “devils of Paradis” attacked the nation of Marley and killed several people, ranging from the soldiers of the army to the innocent (or not so innocent) civilians.

In the raid, Gabi’s precious friends and other warrior candidates (Udo and Zofia) tragically died. The worst part is that they didn’t even do anything to the people of Paradis. They were just caught up in the war.

Other than them, some more people who were close to Gabi also died after they were shot by the potato girl and the most beloved character of the AOT fandom, Sasha.

Seeing all the acts committed against her loved ones, Gabi wanted revenge (still can’t blame her). She swore to kill all the island “devils”.

When the Scouts were escaping by the airship, Gabi took the opportunity and got on board that transport. With the help of a rifle, she shot Sasha and killed her.

Gabi shooting Sasha

This way Gabi became the most hated character of AOT and one of the most hated characters in the entertainment world of recent times.

How did Gabi expose AOT fandom?

The angry eyes of Gabi
Gabi said, “watch me, how I expose the fandom!”

A lot of people think that Gabi is trash, Gabi is this, Gabi is that and blah, blah, blah. Do you know why Gabi was created?

Isayama is NOT an ordinary person. He must have created Gabi with something on his mind. We saw that in the final season.

The final season of AOT started with the perspective of Marley’s side so that the watchers would know the whole picture of the story and see the problems on the other side of the sea.

The watchers came to understand that not only the Eldians in Paradis, but the Eldians in Marley also suffered. The main difference was that they were fighting for Marley and they too thought that they were good Eldians and Paradis people were the bad ones.

This was when people realised that AOT wasn’t some apocalyptic world but a cruel world involving war, propaganda and ideologies.

Why was Marley’s Perspective necessary?

The Marley perspective was required so that the watchers would know the complete picture and thus, would sympathise with the warrior candidates and some Elidan soldiers, especially Reiner. People did just that.

Isayama succeeded in his storytelling.

Cute Gabi
Isayama would be having this face after seeing AOT fans losing their minds at Gabi

But as soon as Gabi killed the fandom’s favourite character, they lost their minds. It was as if whatever they watched in the final season was thrown straight down the trash. You care about Sasha and her sufferings, but what about Gabi?

What happened to the understanding of the war and that revenge stuff? What happened to the Marleyian perspective?

I am sure 90% of the watchers cursed and hated Gabi when she got her partial revenge, right? I mean there is even a video of Gabi getting punched for an hour straight.

How humanity has fallen!

The One Similarity of Gabi with Eren

Gabi and Eren comparison
Gabi and Eren

I think there is only one similarity between Eren and Gabi.

Eren wanted nothing but revenge when he first saw his mom get eaten in front of his eyes. Gabi wanted the same thing.

But still…

You love Eren for the revenge and yet you hate Gabi for the same thing? What is this hypocrisy?

Just because Gabi killed Sasha, you hate her? What about Eren? He was the reason that Gabi lost her mind in the first place. She was a brainwashed kid and it is completely understandable why she took her revenge.

Isayama must be laughing at his watchers while eating popcorn. He succeeded in creating Gabi’s character. He would be 100% sure that people would hate her and he got it right.

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Wouldn’t you want revenge for Gabi?

Gabi looking sad
Can’t look at a sad face of a child

Now imagine if you were there in place of Gabi. You just saw your friends and loved ones die before your eyes even though you know that they didn’t do anything to Eren Jaeger.

Won’t you want revenge? Or would you let it slide and think that: “Well, it is all right. Let them die. I am gonna eat something.”

Would you listen to the story of Eren and his people’s suffering at that point? Why would you even care about them?

What do you expect from a brainwashed 12-year-old child? Hell, that killing of Sasha wasn’t even some brainwashed stuff. It was simple revenge.

Gabi did nothing wrong.

This is war. This is the cycle of hatred.

Isayama’s message is clear: “Wars will happen, people will take revenge and the cycle will continue.”


The important part to keep in mind is that everyone should understand Gabi’s character. Falco was able to have sympathy towards the Paradis people as he had listened to the stressful conversation between Eren and Reiner.

Otherwise, who knows, maybe Falco would have turned out to be like Gabi as well. But Gabi didn’t know any of it so it makes complete sense.

Unless you don’t understand the story told by the ones who have suffered, you would never come to know how much in pain they would be.

Isayama is a true genius. Who would have thought that a 12-year-old would hurt the watchers of AOT more than any other character? Beats me.

It is safe to say that Gabi is really brave. She charged straight at Eren’s soldiers in order to cut them down. Just like Porco Galliard.

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