How Strong is Takemichi?

Hanagaki Takemichi Tokyo Revengers

How strong is Takemichi of Tokyo Revengers? Do you think that Takemichi is weak? He can’t fight? Well, think again.

In season 1 of Tokyo Revengers anime, Takemichi has been shown to do everything but fight. The only thing he did was cry over and over again. Besides that, there was one more thing that he did – not give up

The never give up attitude of Takemichi proved to be his ultra-motivating line to push forward and neutralize his enemies.

In this blog, we will analyze and see how strong Takemichi really is and why people have this misunderstanding thinking that he is weak.

Before that, let’s answer one question. 

Why is Takemichi so weak?

Takemichi is one of those main characters in fiction who are less popular than the side characters in their own show. On top of this, Takemichi is always shown to be hammered by the delinquents of the opposite gang.

The protagonist is always beaten up but have you seen him getting knocked out? Well, he did get knocked out in season 1 by Kisaki but that was after he was beaten up badly by Baji. Baji had knocked out many gang members of Moebius in the battle of August 3rd, but even he couldn’t knock out Takemichi. It could be speculated that Baji was holding himself back but still, Takemichi held on.

It is strange for a weak character to not get knocked out by heavily strong opponents. Don’t you think?

This ability to not get knocked out by his enemies solidifies the fact that Takemichi is not weak.

Therefore, in my opinion, this question is invalid.

Not being able to throw punches and get a direct hit at an opponent doesn’t mean that the person is weak. Additionally, if the person doesn’t get knocked out early in the fight then that means their durability is on the next level.

For example, Hanma.

We should understand that Takemichi doesn’t fight to win. He fights to not lose.

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However, it is understood that only willpower is not enough to win against heavily strong opponents. That’s the reason why Takemichi doesn’t give up and just keeps his opponents busy until some backup in the form of Mikey or Draken arrives.

So let’s answer the main question.

How strong is Takemichi?

Takemichi’s body has insane durability and his mind has a lot of willpower inside him. In the whole story of Tokyo Revengers, Takemichi has sustained a lot of blows but he only got knocked out less than five times!

This shows that Takemichi is a lot stronger than most of the characters in this story of delinquents. And if his character development is done right, then no doubt he would even storm the top 5 strongest characters mark!

Let’s analyze his strength according to his numerous fights in the story arcs.

Takemichi vs Kiyomasa

In the first arc (Toman arc), Takemichi went up against Kiyomasa, the character that no one likes. Kiyomasa bullied Takemichi and beat him pretty badly but the crybaby hero didn’t get knocked out.

Furthermore, he refused to give up even after knowing that the difference between their strengths was too much. Kiyomasa was so infuriated by Takemichi not surrendering that he called out for his weapon, a baseball bat.

Takemichi Hangaki
Takemichi in pain but not giving up!

Here, Takemichi’s high-level determination didn’t let him lose the fight. He kept on fighting until Mikey and Draken entered the scene.

So this gives us one question.

Is Takemichi stronger than Kiyomasa?

This could be a tricky question but it would be safe to assume that Takemichi is indeed stronger.

Though he may not have the fighting skills of Kiyomasa, Takemichi’s strong body has insane durability and that characteristic doesn’t let him drop a fight.

This is evident when Kiyomasa fought Takemichi on the night of August 3rd, he lost even after stabbing the protagonist. Kiyomasa hurt Takemichi badly but he was relentless and kept charging at him even.

He didn’t beat Kiyomasa because of throwing punches and flying kicks at him. Rather he first bit him and finally choked him to end the fight.

It is safe to say that Takemichi’s willpower is beyond imaginable and that quality of his will be alone to defeat someone like Kiyomasa.

Takemichi vs Valhalla

In the Valhalla arc, Takemichi fought several gang members of Valhalla. At first, he was scared to fight in an actual gang brawl but after building a lot of courage, he punched a guy and the effect of that blow pushed his opponent and he fell to the ground.

This showed that if a punch from Takemichi landed at the right place, then the opponent would definitely feel the hit.

Moreover, Takemichi was getting stomped by the Valhalla guys who were charging at Mikey. But the hero didn’t get knocked out. His willpower has a major role to play in all this, but his body is something else too.

Takemichi has always been a punching bag for most of the fans but some do acknowledge his overall strength.

He didn’t fight anyone majorly in this fight but he did get punched and kicked by Mikey. Again, the MC got up and tried Mikey to stop beating Kazutora.

To go up against Mikey was a bold move, but about 140 chapters later in the story, this was going to be a disaster (more discussed later in this blog)

Takemichi is determined

Takemichi vs Taiju Shiba

The Black Dragons arc featured a new character in the name of Taiju, the commander of the Black Dragons and the brother of Hakkai Shiba (Toman’s 2nd Division vice-captain).

For the first time, Takemichi showed the fans what type of character he was becoming.

Takemichi fought Taiju, a man of muscle built for fighting, inside a church! He, at one moment, went one-on-one with the beast and was getting wrecked every time.

But again, his never giving up attitude was there to motivate him repeatedly.

And then after getting up, again and again, it happened!

Takemichi literally punched Taiju at his chin while sustaining a heavy blow himself. Takemichi’s blow was so accurate and so powerful that he brought a beast like Taiju to his knees!

This moment made Takemichi look insane to the other side characters like Mitsuya and Chifuyu who were already present at the venue of the battle. Also, the fans were in awe of the crybaby hero at this moment.

Again, Takemichi’s punches are strong. If he actually involves himself in some serious training, then just imagine what could have happened!

Does Takemichi get stronger?

Takemichi is stronger than many side characters in this story. Being the main character, sooner or later, Ken Wakui (the creator of Tokyo Revengers), would have made Takemichi a pretty powerful being in the story.

It is actually still a mystery to analyze the full potential of this character as he hasn’t really punched the most important characters in the story so far.

Therefore, I will not include him in the top 10 strongest characters yet.

As the story is heading towards its conclusion, the bottom line remains the same: Takemichi is strong and he might soon become extremely strong, maybe on par with Mikey?

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