How to Watch Anime Faster?

Saitama running fast in One Punch Man anime

Ever come across people who have watched more than 300 or 500 anime series? Ever wondered how they do it? Well, don’t fret. This guide will tell you how to watch anime faster in 2022.

After reading the points in this guide, you will learn to watch more and more anime series without sacrificing your time for other important things.

Let’s get started.

1. Just pick an anime series, faster!

Honestly! Do you realise how many minutes you waste over picking an anime series from various platforms?

Most viewers watch a plethora of YouTube videos on anime recommendations. During that time, they are always stuck with the idea of watching as many videos as they can just to listen to an honest opinion before watching the anime themselves.

Now if you notice, you could have used the amount of time that you take on choosing an anime series. You could have watched at least two episodes instead of watching multiple YouTube videos.

Then how to choose?

How to pick an anime?

Just visit MyAnimeList, the gold mine for any anime viewer as well as a manga reader. This website is a whole database containing all anime series that have been to date!

The ratings are given by regular anime watchers like you and me and they are pretty accurate, I tell you!

Just check those ratings, read the summary a bit, and just pick it!

Just do it!

2. Avoid watching multiple anime series at a time

One of the biggest mistakes that someone does while trying to watch anime faster is just watching multiple shows at a time.

Watching two shows or three shows at a time doesn’t increase your pace. In reality, it just slows you down. Moreover, the clashes of the stories from the multiple shows can mess up your mind and you would mix up both.

It is always better to stick with only one series at a time.

By the time you complete about half of both the shows, you would have completed one whole show if you kept watching just one anime series.

That’s quite an accomplishment!

3. Skip the opening and ending songs

This is one of the greatest tips that anyone could give to you. 

The duration of an opening song in an Anime is 1 minute 30 seconds. This is also true for the ending song. 

After combining these two songs, the whole duration becomes 3 minutes.

A typical episode of Anime takes up around 24 minutes. Now if you subtract the duration of these songs, the duration of your episode becomes 21 minutes.

Now imagine if you are watching Monster, the psychological thriller anime with a total of 74 episodes. This means that you will come across the opening and ending songs about 74 times each, which makes a total of 148 times!

Why you should watch Monster
You should definitely watch the Monster anime series sometime. Long ago, I posted this on my Instagram (@deepfictionanime)

Are you willing to watch the songs 148 times when you are supposed to watch the anime faster?

No, right?

If you don’t watch those songs in the Monster series, you will save about 444 minutes, that’s about 7 hours!

Mind-boggling, right?

In those 7 hours, you can watch about 21 episodes without the op and ed songs.

You can literally finish season 1 of “One Punch Man” and the whole “Terror in Response” anime without any trouble.

If you have a Netflix subscription, you could make use of their “skip intro” feature which skips the entire intro song and saves your much needed time.

According to Netflix, their “skip intro” button is pressed over a whopping 136 million times! About 136 years are saved just because of this innovative feature.

Although it is a personal choice for anyone to listen to the opening and ending songs as most of the time, they are actually bangers. But if you are to watch the anime faster, you should definitely try this tip.

4. Avoid watching reviews and previews

There’s hardly any anime that doesn’t show a short review and a short preview in each of its episodes. This can actually annoy you if you are forced to watch these short clips even though you knew what happened in the previous episode.

Thankfully, you can skip these too!

There’s no point in a review if you have watched the previous episode of an anime. It just takes up about 30 seconds of your time or in some cases, literally 3-4 minutes!

For example, one of the most popular anime series, Hunter x Hunter (my 2nd favourite) occasionally showed reviews of the previous episodes for about 200 seconds straight. 

Why Hunter x Hunter is a masterpiece
You can read more about this post on my Instagram profile

If you take the preview into the account, then shows like Attack on Titan take about 30 seconds at the end of every episode.

You are not required to watch a preview. In fact, many viewers don’t watch the preview because it can destroy their excitement for the next episode.

Just like avoiding the songs in an episode, you can avoid these short clips too.

5. Watch slow-paced scenes at 1.5x speed

This is a golden tip that many viewers use while watching an anime where not much attention to detail is required.

A lot of anime shows (mainly shonen) have an action sequence where the characters keep having monologues of their own and explain their own techniques to their opponents.

Some viewers don’t want to listen to all this. Maybe you also wouldn’t want to listen to all the things at a snail’s pace. Maybe you only want more and more action.

In these kinds of scenes, if you don’t want to skip them, you can just increase your playback speed from the default 1x to 1.25x or 1.5x.

This allows you to take all the information in without skipping the scenes. Don’t watch all the episodes at a fast forward speed as it will kill all your excitement.

6. Skip filler episodes

What is a filler episode?

A filler episode is an episode that doesn’t affect the main story arc. It doesn’t contain any relevance to the main story or the character development of the main character or other side characters.

In short words, you don’t need to watch the filler episodes.

For example, in Naruto Shippuden, one of the “Big 3” in the anime community, out of 500 episodes, more than 41% of the whole show contains filler episodes.

This is just outrageous! Imagine if you need to watch Naruto faster and unknowingly you came to realise that you were watching filler episodes.

Thankfully, you can avoid these things by just going over Google and searching about the filler list of an anime series. 

Avoiding fillers can save you a lot of time! Trust me!

How you can watch anime sooner

In summary, do these to watch an Anime faster: 

  • Pick an anime quickly
  • Avoid watching multiple series
  • Skip the opening and ending songs
  • Say no to reviews and previews in episodes
  • Set playback speed to 1.5x in some scenes
  • Skip filler episodes

I hope you liked this guide. Now try these groundbreaking tips to watch an anime series faster!

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