Is Kazutora a Villain?


Kazutora Hanemiya is a menace. That too a big one. At present, a question is bothering the fans of Tokyo Revengers: Is Kazutora a villain? If he is not then is he a good guy?

This question could be a tricky one as Kazutora is a complex character. Ken Wakui (creator of Tokyo Revengers) has crafted his character beautifully.

To answer this question, I am going to mention two types of answers.

Short answer


Kazutora is not a villain.

Long answer

At the start of the Valhalla arc, Kazutora was introduced as the sixth founding member of Toman (other founding members were Mikey, Draken, Baji, Mitsuya, Pah-chin) and that character who had a grudge against Mikey.

So at that time, Kazutora can be termed as a villain.

Kazutora killed Sano Shinichiro (elder brother of Mikey) when he and Baji were stealing a bike for Mikey’s birthday (episode 16). This started the hatred between Mikey and Kazutora.

Kazutora in panic condition after hitting Sano Shinichiro
Kazutora was in panic condition after hitting Sano Shinichiro with a bolt cutter!

As the story progressed, Kazutora was still a villain. He opposed Draken and beat up Mikey with a steel pipe. To top it off, he stabbed Baji later and surprised everybody. His unstable mind was a major cause of the wrongdoings that happened during Bloody Halloween.

Only the death of Baji, his closest friend, made him recover. Mikey also forgave him for killing his brother just because of the sacrifice of Baji.

Later in the future timelines, he redeemed himself to become a good guy by helping Takemichi and trying to save Mikey.

Kazutora as a Character

From a story point of view, Kazutora was never a villain. He was just a broken soul who needed a hug.

The backstory of his character will have a lot to tell the fans as it will explain why Kazutora was so messed up.

Kazutora is the definition of a great character. Plus he is underrated.

Complex characters are a treat to watch because their character development is so well done. Also, you can learn certain things from them as they will tell you about the different situations of life.

Kazutora in Tokyo Revengers
Kazutora deserves recognition

The creator of this manga put up a commendable effort to create this beautiful storyline and lovable characters.

Lastly, if anyone asks you, “Is Kazutora a villain?”

You know what to answer, right?

If you know the answer then read this blog to know why Kazutora was misunderstood by people. You can watch this video if you don’t want to read the blog.

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