Komi Can’t Communicate: Why You Should Watch This Fall 2021 Anime

Komi Can't Communicate

Have trouble speaking to people? Have trouble making friends? Don’t worry. Komi also can’t communicate with people, so she will help you (would she?).

How many times it has happened that the quality of an already established manga is surpassed by an even better anime adaptation of the same manga?

Japanese people don’t fail to impress, right?

(This is a spoiler-free review of the anime)


Komi Can’t Communicate is the Fall 2021 Anime that should open everyone’s eyes to at least have a look into it. This newly released anime of Netflix is the adaptation of the manga of the same name created by Tomohito Oda.

It has received an 8.8 rating from IMDB (Is IMDB still relevant, though?).

Since its release, the anime is being talked about a lot. On YouTube, there is a new channel that gained 7000 subscribers in just 30 days as it is dedicated to this anime.

The YouTube channel
The name of the channel is so funny!

Just imagine the popularity!

Coming to know about all the fuss regarding this anime, I decided to check it out myself. I watched 3 episodes on the 28th of October and boy, this is funny and promising.

What is the story about?

Komi is an Itan High School student who has trouble speaking with people. She has a “communication disorder” (as told in the anime). To help her achieve the aim of getting 100 friends, Tadao, her first friend in the school decided to help her in the mission.

Left - Tadano, Right - Komi
Left – Tadano, Right – Komi

This story is a treat to watch for anyone who has some trouble speaking to others as this anime will surely give some tips to improve on that.

Communication problem is not the only reason to watch Komi Can’t Communicate.

After watching the three episodes of this anime, I can say that this series has a lot of relatable situations. I am sure, a lot of people would be having those in their lives.

To those of you who have watched some of the show already, am I right on that?

I haven’t read the manga yet but judging from the numerous comments on YouTube, I can say that this manga will have high expectations from the anime.

A very attention-grabbing thing of this anime is Komi herself and that is the first reason why people are going crazy over her.

Komi looks ... beautiful
Komi looks … beautiful

But they are not going crazy for her looks, they are going mad for her eyes.

Yes, her big eyes. So let me tell you about…

Komi’s eyes

As I said earlier (or wrote earlier?), Komi has trouble speaking to others, so when an awkward situation arrives, her eyes get bigger.

Usually, her eyes are one of the most intriguing things about her, but when they get bigger they get even more intriguing. She just gets 10 times more cute. It is a fact.

Komi's big eyes
Isn’t she cute?

The design of her eyes is what makes me laugh every time a scene starring them comes. It truly makes me feel how poor Komi would be feeling.

It must be tough to face people when you have a problem with communication.

I am sure this anime will have a lot of Komi’s big eyes moments as surely it will take a lot of time for Komi to make a century of friends. Right?

So far the anime has NOT disappointed its audience as it has a tremendous…


I think the animation is the reason why this anime is getting a good reception. This is the real deal.

Although the story is simple and shows a real-world problem, the animation is what captures the attention of the audience. It certainly grabbed mine.

I have seen some chapters in the manga and it contains several panels where words don’t come out from Komi’s mouth and her body shivers upon meeting other students of the school. In those panels, Komi stammers a lot and talks gibberish implying that she is being nervous in front of people.

Nervous on peak for Komi
Nervousness on the peak for Komi

Animating this portion would have been challenging for the animators as they had to grab the essence and feel of the manga in order to tell how Komi was feeling.

And it is safe to say that the animation completely nailed this part. It is as if the animators literally copied the manga and just added a bunch of soundtracks, and there you go! Anime adaption complete!

Watching those portions in the anime was really a treat to the eye. So funny (not mocking Komi-san!).

This unique animation truly makes this one of the best anime this fall season. But to really make people laugh and ponder over the situation of Komi, animation needs another thing with it. Do you know what?

It is …


Soundtracks are a part of this digital world of entertainment that lives in the hearts of the audience even after years of a show finish airing.

Komi Can’t Communicate does the same thing. This show mixes the soundtracks with the awkward situations of Komi where the nervousness takes the better of her.

The music on this part was a banger
The music on this part was a banger

This series has both fast-paced and slow-paced soundtracks so that the music matches with the right scenes. Other than this, there are two things that are considered worthy of listening to…

Opening and Ending

Every anime I watch, there is always one good thing about it. They tend to have a good opening and ending song. How does this happen?

Again, Komi Can’t Communicate does the same thing.

The opening song and the ending one, combined with the stunning animation create an environment of wholesome moments that will make you fall in love with this anime.

Mark my words. Screenshot this part of the blog.

Just watch it

Why are you reading further? (Just kidding, please read!)

The heading makes it clear. No matter what genre you like, whether it is thriller, horror, action, dystopian, comedy, or romcom, just have a try watching this anime. What is left to say further?

Tadano Kun
Tadano says: Wait!

You won’t regret watching this. Believe me! Take a screenshot of this part too.

And if you do watch this anime, then after watching, just write down in the comments below to express your thoughts about Komi-san and also, share this post if you liked it.

I believe that you trust me now, don’t you? Well, if you do then check out my YouTube channel where I make videos about Anime and Manga plus some cool characters.

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