Mikey vs Draken: Could Draken beat Mikey?

Mikey vs Draken

If Mikey vs Draken happens, who would win? Is Draken stronger than Mikey?

I don’t even need to bring the manga to discuss this topic because the first season of Tokyo Revengers anime will cover this up.

You must be thinking that no one comes close to Mikey, but wait!

In this blog, we will analyze a 1-on-1 battle between these two Toman founders on the basis of certain battle attributes. Each attribute will have a winner, ultimately deciding the overall champion.

Before the battle, let’s introduce the fighters.


  1. Mikey (Sano Manjiro) – President, Tokyo Manji Gang
  2. Draken (Ken Ryuguji) – Vice-President, Tokyo Manji Gang

Let’s go deep into this battle!

You can watch this video if you don’t want to read the blog.

Below is the first battle attribute.

Upper Body Strength

Draken has solid upper body strength. He can manhandle other gang members with his punches alone.

This is because, during the fight against Moebius, he punched a lot of guys in the parking lot while having a bloody head.

During the brawl against Valhalla, he took down more than fifty people with his ferocious punches and direct head butts. Those must have dealt heavy damage to the gang as Draken was on an all-out attack.

Draken demolishes Valhalla guys
Draken demolishes Valhalla guys

Later, he sent Hanma flying with his punch directed straight at him even after Hanma had blocked some part of it.

These feats show the amazing upper body strength of Draken and why he is one of the top 10 strongest characters in Tokyo Revengers anime.

On the other hand, anime hasn’t focused much on the upper body part of Mikey because he is only seen using his “Nuclear” kicks. Therefore, not much can be said about him in this regard.

Winner: Draken

Lower Body Strength

The crown for this attribute, without a doubt, goes to Mikey. This is fairly easy to decide as Mikey is seen using his kicks all the time.

Because of his low height, he can easily kick several of his opponents on the temple, knocking them out in the process. He used this technique to end Osanai’s career in less than five seconds.

His kicks are so effective that Kazutora even gave them a name: “Nuclear kicks”. This was a valid name as his legs are so powerful that he could hit Kazutora on the temple while lifting Chonbo, Kazutora’s fighting “expert”, and knocking both of them out in the process.

Mikey kicks kazutora
Mikey kicks kazutora

He has also used his kicks to one-shot Hanma which decided the fate of Bloody Halloween.

Draken didn’t use his kicks to hit anyone. He only used his grapple technique with his legs on Hanma, and that too was only one time.

The lower body strength of Mikey is no match for Draken as at a younger age too, Mikey jumped way too high to kick a delinquent’s face. This was highly impressive.

Winner: Mikey

Overall Strength

Draken’s overall strength is high, we know, but how much?

He has shown that he can fight multiple gang members of Moebius and Valhalla but for overall strength, his kicks should be better too. In the kicks department, his grip is much lower than Mikey’s.

Mikey is that delinquent who was literally called “Invincible Mikey” by others. He soloed everyone in Moebius except Hanma when Draken was stabbed. He also fought two-on-one against Kazutora’s fighting experts, Chonbo and Chome, and pretty much overpowered both of them.

Adding his less used but powerful punches with his already overpowered nuclear kicks, Mikey’s overall strength is no match for anyone in the Tokyo Revengers universe.

Winner: Mikey


The intimidation factor accounts for the appearance that someone has that can make them look more threatening to the eye. Who has a more scary appearance that by just one look at the opponent, they would feel fear?

The appearance of Mikey and Draken

Draken’s Appearance

Draken has tall stature and his looks possess a Dragon tattoo which is intimidating to anyone who sees it. In his younger life, he even says that if anyone sees that Dragon tattoo, then they should run.

In addition to his tall figure, he also has a hairstyle that suits his delinquent lifestyle. No one would want to mess with this tall guy when he is angry as he pissed off Kazutora just by his height and a commanding tone in his voice.

Mikey’s Appearance

Although everyone is kind of scared of Mikey, when his appearance is concerned, things take another route.

Mikey has a short height, and height plays an important role in terrifying others. If someone is taller than him, like most characters in the story, chances are that only a few of them will be terrified of his appearance.

Winner: Draken


This is a tough category to analyze the top members of Toman as both of them have amazing durability.

During the fight against Moebius, Draken was hit by a pipe, but he continued to manhandle the delinquents. He was even stabbed by Kiyomasa but survived even after a lot of delay in his treatment.

Mikey was also hit by a steel pipe in Tokyo Revengers, not once but several times by Kazutora in the Valhalla arc. Every hit was targeted at his face and head, but he only fainted after knocking three Valhalla members out.

Later, he woke up and defeated Hanma before wreaking Kazutora to send him into the afterlife, but was prevented by Takemichi. Still, Mikey didn’t get any treatment.

Surviving a stab wound is not an easy task and not fainting or dying after getting several hits from a steel pipe is an unbelievable feat too. Judging upon this, no concrete verdict can be found. Therefore, this attribute will be a draw.

Winner: No winner (Stalemate)


It is a known fact that kicks are stronger than punches.

Mikey’s kicks are no joke for anyone. Draken’s high powered punches can also shatter his opponents quickly.

But the point is that if Mikey and Draken fight one-on-one, Mikey will kick him in the temple easily and might knock him out too. Draken won’t be able to do much if he just punches Mikey because most likely, Mikey will be able to block his attack with ease.

Draken was fighting Hanma for so long, but he couldn’t beat him. Mikey came and ended the fight in just one kick.

This notable event is actually enough to determine who wins between Draken and Mikey.

Winner: Mikey

Who is stronger, Mikey or Draken?

No doubt, Mikey and Draken are the two strongest members of Toman, but if both were to fight then we can say that the Commander of Toman will most likely win.

Mikey and Draken make their entry
Mikey wins!

From the Hanma fight alone, Mikey takes a clear win over Draken.

Could Draken Beat Mikey?

Most likely, no. From the above analysis, Mikey is the winner.

Is Draken Stronger than Mikey?

The same answer, i.e. no. Draken is not stronger than Mikey. In fact, no one is stronger than Mikey in the whole story.

Analyzing battles in Tokyo Revengers is a great way to know these amazing characters. Do you agree?

Tell me in the comments, who is your favourite character in this story?

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