Muzan Kibutsuji Best Flexing Moment in Demon Slayer

Muzan kibutsuji as a woman

Muzan produced his best moment in Demon Slayer when he dismantled the Lower Moon demons.

Muzan is not just a cool name but the face of a man who is recognised by every demon in the demon Slayer universe. They call him “Master Muzan” or “Muzan-sama”.

They address him as a master because this guy is the master of producing the best flex moments in Demon Slayer.

Episode 26 of the first season of Demon Slayer was just for our man Muzan to display his flexing skills.

I mean he destroyed 4 of the five remaining lower moons in a matter of minutes.

Let’s go over the flexing show one by one!

Appearance of Muzan

First, the appearance of Muzan was elegant. How nicely he had shapeshifted to become such a graceful lady!

His or ‘her’ entrance filled me with ecstasy! That music at his sudden arrival slapped hard! I bet you felt the same way, right?

50 points to Gryffindor! I mean, Muzan.

50 points to gryffindor meme

After his appearance, the killing spree started.

Let’s go over the Lower Moons one by one.

1. Lower 6

This guy gave us a hint at a really frightening ability of Muzan. Since he has his blood running in all the Lower demon Moons, he is able to read their minds as well!

This mind-reading scene is a major flex moment of Muzan. Even viewers like you and me were amazed to see this ability.

Under pressure and undergoing a lot of fear, Lower 6 went full dumb mode and still thought his “worthless thoughts”. This was the chance for Muzan to destroy him.

Lower 6 scared
Lower 6 scared

And the way he used “that thing” to kill the Lower 6 was a flamboyant thing to do. What was that?

How many tricks do you have under your sleeve, Muzan?

2. Lower 5

Oops, he was already gone.

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3. Lower 4

This woman demon did 2 mistakes:

  • First, she tried to speak before Muzan.
  • Second, she tried to apologize.

Later, Muzan thought that she was proving him wrong, so he killed her. Honestly, I felt a little bad for her. I mean, she was crying her heart out in that scene.

Lower moon 4 crying
Look at the tears of Lower Moon 4!

As for Muzan, it seems like no one can win against this guy. No matter what anyone does, Muzan is bound to destroy them one way or another. This is how a merciless character of a villain is created.

4. Lower 3

Imagine seeing your colleagues getting killed one by one by a ridiculously strong monster and you know that you are bound to suffer the same fate, but at the last moment, you do the ultimate thing, i.e., run!

This guy ran even faster than Flash. He was literally flying. After all this hard work, we knew that this was going to be a disaster.

And look what we got!

Muzan literally separated Lower 3’s head and body by simply standing in one place. What a flex! But the thing to question here is where the body of Lower Moon 3 was.

As for this scene, it could be a bit confusing as the how Muzan was able to do it? The doubt of Lower 3 was completely right. Was this the work of the Biwa woman? But there were no sounds. So is this another ability of Muzan?

Anyways, this moment was the biggest flex of this villain.

5. Lower 2

This bearded man asked for some more time and then he did the unthinkable. He straight up asked Muzan, the originator of the demons, to give him some of his blood.

You simply don’t do this!

You can’t ask a ruthless leader like Muzan anything. As he said, he calls the shots and everyone just follows his orders.

Muzan with his intimidating face.
Muzan with his intimidating face.

According to him, Lower 2 was being shameless as he tried to tell him what to do. This is exactly the quality that a villain of some story has, i.e., a pure evil nature.

Maybe it was another one of Muzan’s flex moments that Ufotable didn’t even show how Lower 2 suffered his fate.

Regardless, this was a good moment.

6. Lower 1

At first, I thought this demon was a woman, but I was wrong.

First of all, his voice actor must be majestic to have such a calm and strange voice. It seemed like Lower 1 was drunk the whole time.

A lot can be said about Enmu though. How sick is he? I mean, he liked to see others in despair and agony.  

Then again, what can you expect from a demon?

Lower Moon One
The character design of Lower One is cool

He even praised Muzan for leaving him for the last. His words impressed him and he got to live, only for some more time though.

Muzan – A villain that flexes

This dismantling of Lower Moons in Episode 26 showed why Muzan was to be feared. This part showcased his one of many possible flex moments.

Imagine how he will flex when he fights demon slayers especially the Hashira ones! That must be fire!

Do you know who else is fire?

The answer is Rengoku Kyojuro.

Know about the biggest flex of Rengoku in Demon Slayer by reading this blog post or you can watch this video.

Comment down who has the best character design out of the six Lower Moons.

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