One basic tip to help you understand your books better


Just finished a book? Have you closed it already?

Wait! Wait!

Open that book again.

Does it have an appendix section at the end? If no, then no problem, you can close it.

But if it does have an appendix section then you will want to read it.

First of all, what is an appendix (Not the part of the human body. No, not that one)?

It is a part of a book giving added and helpful information.

For those who want to know the uses of the appendix page then read this article. Others move on.

In my case, when I finished Dune by Frank Herbert, I noticed that there was an appendix section at the end. Upon noticing, I instantly started to read it. I wondered what all things could be jotted down there.

first section of the appendixes in Dune
The first section of the appendix in Dune

I have noticed many people who don’t read the appendix after finishing a book as they think it a waste of time.

But in the case of Dune, this is an astonishingly helpful part.

It includes the meaning of various terms used in Dune such as Kwisatz Haderach, Gom Jabbar, Kindjal, Muad’dib, Reverend Mother, and a lot of others.

Not knowing these terms would be a hindrance to your understanding of the story and in turn, you will not be satisfied. This is surely a basic tip to understand books better.

Now that you know the tip, head over this post to know just a single tip to read up to 100 books a year!

one of many terms used in Dune
One of many terms used in Dune


Next time you finish a book, do check for the appendix section at the end as doing so will help you in so many ways that you can’t even imagine.

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