Porco Galliard: One of the Bravest Characters of Attack On Titan

Porco Galliard

When it comes to the bravest characters in Attack On Titan, there will surely be many names in your head. Is Porco Galliard one of them?

Warning: Spoilers ahead of Attack On Titan manga up to chapter 119.

For me, the name – “Porco Galliard” sounds amazing. The way how Reiner said it felt like the name had some kind of dominance. I don’t know if I am crazy or not, but it feels legit. Even now, I am smiling a bit.

Even after getting scared from the “devils of Paradis”, Porco remains one of the boldest in the series. In this post, you will be able to witness why I think that.

But before that, let me tell you some basic info.

Who is Porco Galliard?

Porco Galliard
Galliard with his dashing haircut

Porco, the younger brother of Marcel Galliard, was a warrior from the nation of Marley. He used to show rude behaviour to Reiner most of the time but was nice to his other comrades like Colt, Pieck, Bertholdt, Annie, etc.

He was bound to inherit the Armored Titan but wasn’t chosen for it because of his older brother. Later, Porco inherited the Jaw Titan after eating Ymir, who volunteered to return her titan powers to Marley.

Porco was a great fighter. He had good combat skills but his emotions always got the better of him during battle resulting in him losing the fight against Eren and Survey Corps during the final season.

In the War for Paradis in Shiganshina, Porco sacrificed himself to save the lives of Reiner and Falco. It is safe to say that he died the most honourable death.

His demise tore me apart when I read chapter 119 of the manga. Can’t imagine how it will be in the anime with the soundtracks (shedding tears right now).

Now, let’s get to the point that explains why Porco is one of the bravest of all.

Galliard Was Not scared

Porco was initially scared of the Scouts. Yes. He was in disbelief for thinking how the people targeted to kill him even though he was a titan.

It seemed that even after inheriting one of the nine titans, it was nothing but a wastage of his precious 13 years of life. But later on in episode 7, he overcame his fears and started to use his combat skills more (Not his head though).

Not scared of Mikasa, an Ackerman

Mikasa Ackerman
Mikasa with her Ackerman instincts

Galliard was a bit scared of Levi Ackerman when he encountered him for the first time. Probably, he was told about the infamous encounters of Levi against Zeke and Mikasa against Reiner.

Levi aside, Porco was angry at seeing Mikasa interfering with his one on one fight against Eren.

Many titan shifters would fear Levi and Mikasa for life, after all, they were a literal clan having immense power to obliterate titans in broad daylight without any hesitation.

Mikasa gave Reiner PTSD, but Porco was a different breed.

In episode 7 of the final season, knowing that Mikasa was standing beside Eren, Porco still charged at the holder of the Founder Titan like a mad man. No fear, no sense of danger. Props to him for that.

No Fear of Eren Jaeger

Porco fighting against Eren
Porco (left) fighting against Eren

Who would not be scared of Eren Jaeger from the start of season 4 of the anime? There will only be a few.

Porco Galliard would be one of them. This man didn’t know the fear of Eren even after the main character humiliated him in episode 7 of the final season which came later to be known as the infamous “Nutcracker” scene.

My god, many fans rejoiced in that scene while some felt regret and others watched in horror. How did you feel when you watched Eren humiliating Porco’s pride? Write in the comments. For me, I watched that while feeling sad.

During the Attack at Liberio, from Marley’s side, Porco (apart from the War Hammer and the cannons) was the only one to directly hit Eren, that too on his Attack Titan’s face.

Man! It was a treat to watch his Jaw Titan’s power. Absolute godly.

In Shiganshina too, Porco was fighting Eren with all his might even though he was getting wrecked by Eren all the time. Still, he didn’t give up and later at the end, he bit his leg so bad that Eren wasn’t even able to stand.

Not Scared of Dying

Porco death
Porco’s final words. Brilliant.

Of course, he was a warrior. A warrior must fulfil his duty. Right?

Porco did the same thing. While fulfilling his duty to fight for Marley, he sacrificed himself to save Reiner, the one friend who he used to bully. He gave himself to Falco’s mindless titan to save his life as well.

Porco died wearing the Scouts uniform showcasing the “wings of freedom”. In the end, he acquired his freedom. How beautiful!

Truly, Porco deserved so much more, after all, he was the one titan shifter who had the most time to live. Isayama can be so cruel sometimes (although most of the time), but everything turned out to be good.

Nevertheless, that sacrifice was NOT in vain as Falco turned out to be crucial for the storyline.

Galliard was a hero

Whether you like him or hate him, just like Eren, you can’t reject the thought that Porco Galliard died as a hero. He fought and later saved his comrades as well.

He might have a short time in the series but it was impactful. His death alone makes him a fascinating character. It is safe to say that Porco is my fifth favourite character in Attack On Titan.

At first, he was not much impactful to me when he was introduced, but later in the fight against the Scouts, he grew on me. He was the only one fighting against the people of Paradis after his comrades were taken down.

Galliard has my respect. Long live Porco or “Pock”.

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