Reading: Best tip on how to read more books

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Ever wondered how to read more books?

Ever wondered why you can’t even finish a single book in a single month?

Do you know why your friend finishes one book per week while you keep seeing numerous books resting on your shelves?

Don’t fret then. I will mention just a single tip to read more and more and more without affecting your other works.

At one time I read 4 books in a single month! I was bamboozled on realising what I had achieved over the past 30 days.

4 books in 30 days? Yes, it is definitely possible. So, here’s the tip.

Set a daily goal for the number of pages to read more books

Believe it or not, this is the single most effective and realistic tip for increasing your reading book count.

Having read 38 books in 3 years (the book count is improving day by day) I can surely say that this tip has helped me so much in reading.

I usually set a goal to read 30 pages per day. I feel that something is accomplished when that goal is completed. My day just gets better.

If you think about this, then even before you know it, you would have read 900 pages in a month! That’s approximately equal to three books of 300 pages each. If calculated further then you would have read 36 books in a single year! Calculate further and 108 books in 3 years!

That might be too far, so for now let’s get back to the floor, all right?

If you are not able to read 30 pages a day, I will suggest you set a goal for yourself.

Start low: Let’s say, 10 pages a day. After you have read that much then slightly increase your goal and take it to 15 pages a day, then 20 pages a day. When you keep surpassing your daily goal then increase it to 40 or 50 pages per day.

Trust me, when you will read that much you will feel like you have gone into heaven. A daily goal helps you to keep track of your achievements. You don’t need to set a high daily goal. You should just create it and make sure that it is met every single day.

Make sure that when you read you are not getting distracted by the things around you.


Read the required number of pages and be happy. Don’t stress yourself much!

Read this post if you want to increase your understanding of the book with the help of this single tip that is overlooked by many.

Happy Reading.

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