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Helpless Takemichi

Tokyo Revengers: A story where parents are MISSING! Regardless, the story is insane and it can keep its readers and viewers on edge. Let’s go through this Tokyo Revengers arcs tier list to rank them on the basis of storyline and development.

NOTE: Manga spoilers ahead!

Let’s get started.

1. Toman Arc

Anime: Episode 1 – 5 | Manga: Chapter 1 – 12

The arc that started the whole story of Tokyo Revengers.

We had the main character, Hanagaki Takemichi coming in front of the “train-Kun” after getting pushed by one of his closest friends.

This act started the whole time travel thing by which Takemichi was sent to the past to UNO reverse everything in order to save the love of his life, Hinata Tachibana.

12 years into the past, Takemichi comes across Toman, the gang that was responsible for the death of Hinata. This marked the story’s entrance into gang life.

I really liked the arrival of gangs and stuff in the story as gangs are not generally portrayed in any form of entertainment except a few. (GTO has entered the chat!)

This arc also marked the beginning of fights in broad daylight and then I realized that okay, this story is going to be really good.

My Best Moment

The best part in this arc was seeing the two characters having immense black air force energy: Mikey (Commander of Toman) and Draken (Vice-Commander of Toman). Their entrance was completely badass. The way they walked with hands in their pockets and when the music hit in the anime, oh man!

Immediately, Takemichi was now Mikey’s friend as he reminded Mikey of his late big brother, Sano Shinichiro. This was a meaningful reason as people would be confused regarding why Mikey made a physically weak guy like Takemichi his friend.

We came to know about Mikey’s dream, to make a new era of delinquents. But little did he know what was about to come! Poor guy.

My 2nd best moment

It was when Takemichi went to the future and met Akkun. The conversation between the two was mind-blowing as it was filled with so much tension.

Takemichi then had to save three people: Hinata, Draken and Akkun. What a mess it was! From here, the story didn’t look back and it got more interesting as each arc went ahead.

For me, this arc was a good introduction to set the whole story up and running.

Mikey and Draken in the Toman Arc

Verdict: A Tier

2. Moebius Arc

Anime: Episode 6 – 12

This arc marked the beginning of a new conflict between Toman with a gang named Moebius. Takemichi’s mission was to save the life of Draken.

We came to know about Pah-chin (3rd division captain of Toman) and Peh-yan, along with the heinous deeds of Moebius. In this arc, we saw what a gang meeting was like. How Mikey was speaking to his men and how he motivated them to fight.

We saw how Takemichi was so desperate to stop the fight between Toman and Moebius as he had to save Draken.

We also witnessed the “Invincible” Mikey’s strength. The moment when he beat Osanai (Moebius’s leader) with just a kick showed how much of a badass Mikey really was.

A point to note was that this arc showcased how close Mikey was with his gang members like Pah-chin, who had decided to turn himself in after stabbing Osanai.

This arc introduced another important character of the story: Hanma Shuji.

My Best Moment of Moebius Arc

My best moment was when Hanma blocked Mikey’s kick, seeing which Draken and Mitsuya were heavily surprised. I thought that finally, we had someone at the level of Mikey (but in the next arc, I was proved wrong!).

In the anime, the arrival of Toman was pure badass as the OST played a major role in it. In the parking lot brawl, my best moment was when Baji fought against Moebius. No matter what, he looked so good.

For many, the best moment would have been when Takemichi fought Kiyomasa and actually won! This act marked the fascinating quality of Takemichi’s character: Not giving up. Also, Takemichi was able to finish his first mission to save Draken.

This arc concluded when Hinata and Akkun died in front of Takemichi. What a sad moment it was! Truck Kun was at it again.

One of the best things about this arc was Mikey’s sensitive nature. Though he was the commander of a gang, he may look tough from the outside, but he was pretty sensitive from the inside. We got to see a lot of things in this arc and they were really important.

Toman gang arrives in the Moebius Arc

Verdict: A Tier.

3. Valhalla Arc

This arc was the highlight of season 1 and why not? This arc had it all:-

  • Drama
  • Tragic Backstory
  • Betrayal
  • Fighting
  • Gang politics
  • Planning
  • Death!

We got to see Baji in action now as he was the focus of this whole arc. My favourite character in the story, Kazutora was introduced. Also, Kisaki was now in the picture. So we knew that this arc was going to be good and it didn’t disappoint.

When I was reading the tragic backstory and the truth of Mikey’s brother’s death, I was shocked. It was so unfortunate to know how he died at the hands of Kazutora, Mikey’s friend and how he snapped and blamed Mikey for everything, was a roller coaster ride. And the legendary line was born:

“It’s all Mikey’s fault”

– Kazutora, the broken kid

It increased the complexity of Kazutora’s character.

We came to know that Baji was a double agent and he was faking everything as Chifuyu, the best boy, knew already. Kisaki’s plan was also revealed: To be the vice commander of Toman.

The main highlight of this arc was the battle of Bloody Halloween: Toman vs. Valhalla. What a battle that was! Those manga chapters were insane.

We got to witness Draken’s true power, Kazutora with a metal pipe, the demon mode Mikey, Hanma being a punching bag, Kisaki’s mastermind plan and Baji’s badass entry. Pure adrenaline rush!

The most tragic thing that happened in this arc though was the death of the fan’s favourite character, Baji Keisuke. It was great to see that Kazutora redeemed himself after seeing Baji committing suicide to save him. Man, What a legend!

My Best Moment of Valhalla Arc

Without a doubt, Baji taking down fifty members of Toman’s 3rd division was my best moment of this arc. How he didn’t die instantly after getting stabbed, beats me.

Baji will go down as one of the most influential characters of Tokyo Revengers. I wish he was alive.

This arc was so good that I can’t seem to forget the chapters of that junkyard gang fight. It was insane. Nothing more to add to it.

Baji hits Kisaki in the Valhalla arc

Verdict: A+ Tier.

4. Black Dragons Arc

What an arc!

Finally, the true potential of Takemichi was realised. But if you think that this was the pinnacle of Takemichi’s character development then you are wrong!

The highlight of this arc was the fight between the Black Dragons and Toman in the church where characters like Mitsuya and Takemichi showed amazing courage and will to fight.

In this arc as a whole, Takemichi’s character did way better than in the previous arcs, but other than him there was a new character who established himself as a great villain.

The Entry of Taiju Shiba

Taiju as a character had an amazing impact on the readers of the Tokyo Revengers manga.

His entrance simply baffled me. Long hair, tattoos all over his ripped body, amazing stature, cruel nature and whatnot!

He simply created a whole new level of strength dynamics in the story and we thought that finally, Mikey’s challenger had arrived. But after all the strength is shown, Mikey was still able to one-shot him.

Anyways, doesn’t matter if he lost to Mikey, from that day onwards, Taiju has established himself as a great figure among the fans, including me.

My Best Moment of Black Dragons Arc

Without a doubt, my best moment of this arc was seeing Takemichi not giving up. That’s what he does! This is the exact trait of the main character that Ken Wakui is able to pull off amazingly.

It was a big deal when he was able to make a tall and menacing figure of Taiju Shiba kneel. That was the highlight moment of the whole arc.

Tokyo Manji Gang in the Black Dragons arc

Verdict: A+ Tier.

5. Tenjiku Arc

This is the best arc in the whole story in my opinion. 

This arc had everything: A plethora of characters, some new faces, brilliant one-on-one fights, legendary entrances, new abilities, new fighting moves, a lot of pain and of course, Takemichi’s greatness.

I thought that the Black Dragons arc would be the arc where Takemichi’s true potential was shown but boy I was wrong!

Tenjiku arc brought Takemichi into a new light and showcased his never giving up behaviour which definitely sent chills down my spine when I actually read the manga panels.

My Best Moment of Tenjiku Arc

Actually, I have three personal best moments from this arc.

  1. Takemichi’s character

No need to discuss more on his “never giving up” characteristic.

  1. Angry’s power reveal

This was possibly the most unexpected thing in all of Tokyo Revengers. How a relatively short guy was able to neutralize multiple top opponents in a quick but brutal fashion.

Smiley’s little brother came out of nowhere and booked a soft spot in the hearts of Tokyo Revengers fans.

  1. Izana vs Mikey

This was actually a top-level fight that many of us were looking for. This fight was short but good.

We finally got a glimpse of how strong Izana actually was. This fight had great moments showcasing the flying kicks and punches of Izana to the unleashing of deadly nuclear kicks by Mikey.

Overall, the Tenjiku arc had a lot of great moments which surely I can’t explain. Read for yourself again!

Tenjiku vs Toman in the Tenjiku arc

Verdict: S Tier.

6. Three Deities/Bonten Arc (Ongoing)

Arguably, this is the most hated arc or the most “unwanted” arc in the whole story. This is the arc that talks about Mikey’s dark impulsivity in great detail.

Being the final arc of the story, this has to end on a big note and somehow as of now, it isn’t going in that direction. A lot of stuff still needs to be addressed regarding the darkness inside Mikey.

This is also the arc that according to me, addressed “the rise and fall of Mikey.” A lot of fans started to hate Mikey in this arc and they have complete right to do so.

Anyways, at the start of this arc, it had a lot of big moments including the really unfortunate death of the fan favourite character, Draken.

I was so confused at that part and couldn’t believe what was going on. I was simply blank in my head and wasn’t able to process what had just happened with Draken.

Verdict: B Tier.

I am still really optimistic as to how this arc is going to end. 

I am sure many fans out there would give this arc a C or maybe a D tier as well but I really liked the starting of this arc so will drop this in the B tier.

Darkness of Mikey in the Final Tokyo Revengers arc


Tokyo Revengers remain a heavily entertaining story with a plethora of plot twists. No matter how much flak it gets, no one can deny the greatness of Ken Wakui’s writing that has left so many fans thrilled on this wonderful journey.

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