Tokyo Revengers Main Villain: Steel Pipes

Pipes collage in tokyo revengers

Meet the ultimate villain of Tokyo Revengers: Steel Pipes! That’s right!

Not Kisaki, but a pipe is the most dangerous weapon in this series alongside a bolt cutter and of course, Mikey’s kicks, which btw are termed “Nuclear”.

In this blog, you will get to know the scenes where a pipe was used in the first season of Tokyo Revengers.


It seems like a pipe has taken the screen time of the parents in Tokyo Revengers. I mean seriously though, what is with the pipes in this show?

Even an unknown background character was seen using a pipe, that too against Mucho.

Gut hits Mucho
Unknown guy with his pipe

I think this is the first anime where I have seen this unimaginable love that these characters have for their pipes.

Bloody Halloween

During Bloody Halloween or the gang war between Toman and Valhalla, we got to see the power of the steel pipes in this show.

Now, whenever I think about someone swinging a pipe with full force, there is always one guy who comes to my mind. You already might know who that guy is. He is none other than Baji Keisuke.

Baji Keisuke

Baji beats down Kisaki
Baji beats down Kisaki

How can anyone forget how Baji landed a hit on Kisaki by which the main villain bit the dust for the second time?

Well, the first time was our crybaby hero punching him straight in the face in front of the whole gang!

As for Baji, he literally said, “Screw the hands! Let’s play with weapons!” Look how he smiled after hitting Kisaki! He is a mad lad, or “was” a mad lad.

But the thing to scratch your head is how the hell Kisaki got up after taking a hit like that? Beats me! These Tokyo Revengers characters are on a different level.

But the biggest flex came when Baji soloed the 3rd division of Toman by swinging his pipe wildly, catching bodies left and right. It was a total flamboyant show!

Another guy who comes to my mind while thinking of pipes is the guy who Tokyo Revengers fans also mentioned as a “Psycho”.

Hanemiya Kazutora

Hanemiya Kazutora hitting mikey
Kazutora going to hit Mikey

During the brawl of The Bloody Halloween, Kazutora confirmed that if you give him a weapon, he will show you how to fight.

The guy was literally hitting the “Invincible” Mikey with back to back blows. And how Mikey still talked at that moment! Beats me.

His brother, Shinichiro died with just a single hit! (Although, unlike a hollow steel pipe, he was hit by a bolt cutter by Kazutora).

After the whole battle of Bloody Halloween, you can’t help but think that: What the hell are these guys even fighting for? I mean, don’t they have to study for exams or something)

But here they are, swinging steel pipes and stabbing people like it is just a casual day!

No wonder Takemichi was helpless during the fight.


Baji beats guy with a pipe
Baji showing off his pipe!

After the first season, we can all agree that the pipe was one of the most important characters of the show. If you haven’t read the manga, all I can assure you is that the pipe show is still not over.

Do you know what else isn’t over?

The hate on Takemichi.

Read this blog post to know why Takemichi is one of the most underrated protagonists of recent times.

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