Tokyo Revengers: Most Badass Moments

Tokyo Revengers most badass moments

When it comes to Tokyo Revengers, we know that it has a lot of badass moments, right? Surely no one can deny that.

But what exactly are those moments?

I have compiled 10 such moments for you to remember how great this show actually is. This isn’t the top 10 moments or anything like that. Feel free to rank them!

Warning: Spoilers for only anime watchers!

Now, let’s jump right into it. Shall we?

Hanma blocks Mikey’s nuclear kick

Hanma blocks Mikey's nuclear kick: a badass moment
Hanma blocks Mikey’s nuclear kick

Never mess with Mikey? Wait, wait. Not the right time to say that.

Hanma Shuji, a literal tank, stunned the audience of Tokyo Revengers when with his bare hands, he blocked Mikey’s infamous kick to indicate that he wasn’t just a normal guy.

To top it off, he called in 100 gang members to crush Toman.

That was the moment when we were definitely able to say: ‘Shit got real!’

Mikey and Draken make their badass entry

Mikey and Draken makes their badass entry
Mikey and Ken-chin enter

Who can forget this part! Surely, I can’t.

The episode no. 3 got me hooked into this series. I am sure this is the same for you all, right?

The way Draken and Mikey entered the place of the fight, the way Draken kicked Kiyomasa in the gut, and later Mikey kicked him in the chin making him move back, then how he grabbed his head by the hair and humiliated him … Woah! Just awesome.

My eyes were widened with surprise at that scene. Pure badass.

Draken meets Mikey and beats a bully

Mikey humiliates Draken's bully
A small Mikey humiliates Draken’s bully

Ah! The episode where the top 2 strongest characters of Tokyo Revengers (only the anime) met.

This was the start of something great.

I can’t emphasise more in the scene where Mikey kicks the hell out of the guy who used to beat Draken and how just a 12-year-old kid put a high schooler to shame. He did that purely out of surprise.

That showed that no one should judge a person by their face, weight, height and more things that are being taken into account by people. You never know what might be ahead of you.

Takemichi knocks the hell out of Kiyomasa

Victory for Takemichi by defeating Kiyomasa!
Victory for Takemichi!

Our crybaby hero!

This was a do or die situation for the main character as he was there to save Draken when he beat Kiyomasa by choking him! What a scene!

And his line when he yelled on top of his lungs while choking his opponent …

I don’t care if I am not like Mikey-kun. I am Hanagaki Takemichi!


Takemichi made it very clear that he was the main character in episode 10 itself and not Mikey or Draken.

Baji saves Chifuyu

Baji cracks the wall with his perilous punch. What a badass moment!
Baji cracks the wall with his perilous punch

The best bond between a captain and a vice-captain you will ever see!

In episode 23, Baji made his entry to crush a group of bullies who were ganging up on Chifuyu and that filled everyone’s hearts with pure gold.

He cracked a freaking wall by punching a guy to his side of the face. What!!

Seeing his long and luscious hair makes me want to rewrite the whole story where Baji is still alive. Haha!

But the story is fine the way it is, this is how you create a memorable character. Am I right?

Baji beats down Kisaki and his men

Baji catches four bodies (lackeys of Kisaki): Tokyo Revengers badass moment
Baji catches four bodies (lackeys of Kisaki)

This has to be one of the best scenes in the whole show.

Coming out of the blue, the way how Baji Keisuke, the 1st division captain, hit Kisaki (the man who is hated by everyone, I guess) with a freaking pipe on his head was a treat to watch.

How he shattered the careers of Kisak’s men of the 3rd division while being stabbed by Kazutora, I will never know.

That episode was just made for Baji. The more you say about him the less it will be. Definitely one of the best Tokyo Revengers badass moments.

One more thing, Baji Keisuke … remember the name!

Mikey hammers Kazutora

Invincible Mikey doing his routine job: Tokyo Revengers Badass moment
Invincible Mikey doing his routine job

Now is the correct time to say, never mess with Mikey!

Considering how Kazutora smacked Mikey’s head earlier, it was a great deal to appreciate Mikey’s fighting skills.

While lifting another guy, he kicked Kazutora on the head with his left leg and knocked him out on top of the car with the other Valhalla captains.

Now we know why he is called ‘Invincible’.

That was a true demon mode Mikey moment. Clearly, it was one of the most badass moments in the whole show.

Tokyo Revengers definitely has this quality of when to introduce the strength of a character. Do read my review of Tokyo Revengers to see which tier it received.

Draken – One man army

Tokyo Revengers Badass moment: Draken turns the tide by beating Valhalla
Draken turns the tide

Toman’s no. 2, Draken wreaked the guys of Hanma with his fists and kicks without showing any kind of exhaustion.

A stunned Valhalla kept questioning who the guy was. I mean who wouldn’t.

When you see at least 50 guys being knocked out one by one by a single human being or a monster, you are bound to ask questions.

Absolutely ridiculous!

Takemichi arrives with Toman’s uniform

Hanagaki Takemichi gets his drip: Tokyo Revengers Badass moment
Hanagaki Takemichi gets his drip

Takemichi’s haters, take that!

In episode 23, when Takemichi arrived at the Toman’s meeting while dawning his brand new uniform, at exactly that moment the OST kicked in. That was enough to raise hairs behind your neck.

I felt the badassery at that scene. Everyone was aware of who that guy was.

Long live Hangaki Takemichi, the soon to be GOAT, believe me.

Kisaki gives a crushing blow to Takemichi

Kisaki Tetta takes his revenge: Tokyo Revengers Badass moment
Kisaki Tetta takes his revenge

The battle of the antagonist and protagonist. Who wouldn’t love to see that?

Except that it was purely one-sided.

In an underrated scene, Kisaki knocked out an already damaged Takemichi, thanks to Baji, in Toman’s 3rd division captain ceremony. Not only that, he used his big brain and tricked Takemichi so easily.

Kind of a badass moment, not gonna lie.

Takemichi isn’t the one who gets knocked out easily but on that occasion, he couldn’t control himself.

Is Kisaki that strong? That is a question to ask.


Apart from these ten moments, there are more moments like these and each of them deserves some recognition. Don’t worry if your favourite moment was not seen in this post.

Baji beats Kisaki
Baji does a “mind-blowing” job

Each episode of Tokyo Revengers contains some badass moments in it and they are a treat to watch especially the season finale.

So, sit back and relax. Just enjoy this show and wait for season 2.

Read this post to find out the top 10 strongest characters in Tokyo Revengers (the anime).

Do rank these moments if you wish and mention them in the comments. Keep reading because more content will come soon.

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