Tokyo Revengers: Top 10 Strongest Characters in the Anime – An Analysis

Hanma, Mucho and Draken - Strongest characters in tokyo revengers

Who are the top 10 strongest characters in Tokyo Revengers anime?

When it comes to this staggering anime there are a lot of powerful characters. But have you wondered who is the strongest of all (Mikey, huh?), just wait a bit!

Note: I have created this ranking on my own. I have assigned the ranks that I felt were right for them. This is by no means an accurate official ranking. This ranking doesn’t concern the Manga, only season 1 of the anime is taken care of.

Big thanks to Ken Wakui for creating this amazing show.

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Let’s take a deep dive into the analysis of the 10 strongest characters of Tokyo Revenges season 1.

Are you ready?

10. Matsuno Chifuyu

Baji’s most trusted retainer and Toman’s 1st division vice-captain, Chifuyu was an ultimate cold guy in the past but he was humbled by Baji. From that day onwards, he chose to follow him.

Chifuyu beat several people of the Valhalla gang with his powerful kicks and his fists in order to help Mikey and Takemichi. Most of the people that see him don’t judge him to be a good fighter due to his average height and happy countenance.

Though not powerful as Toman’s captains, he can beat many guys on his own as he was the most authoritative guy in his school before becoming a vice-captain under Baji.

Watch out for him as he will be the fan favourite for everyone.

Matsuno Chifuyu
Matsuno Chifuyu

9. Nobutaka Osanai

The Moebius leader, who beat Pah-chin without any sweat and scared Peh-yan to his bones, is a strong man. He has boxing skills but despite that, he was humiliated by Mikey and Draken who beat him in just seconds.

Later he was injured by Pah-chin who stabbed him in the back and was sent to hospital, though survived. Due to that, he got very less screen time in the whole story.

Nevertheless, Osanai is a skilled fighter.

Nobutaka Osanai
Nobutaka Osanai: The former leader of Moebius

8. Nahoya Kawata

The 4th division captain and the guy who always smiles no matter the situation is a strong member of Toman who was seen fighting some guys against Valhalla.

He doesn’t have much screen time in the anime but assuming he is a captain of Toman, people judge him to be a pretty powerful opponent. He has a strong respect for Mikey making him a loyal captain.

Any opponent of his would have a hard time facing him as Smiley doesn’t show his weakness to anyone. He always has a smiling face and that could send anyone thinking. He is liked by everyone in the show.

Nahoya Kawata
Nahoya Kawata

7. Kazutora Hanemiya

Kazutora, the best friend of Baji and the unfortunate killer of Sano Shinichiro, Mikey’s older brother, is a pretty powerful guy. He humiliated Hansen, the referee during the Valhalla vs. Toman fight in the junkyard.

But he can surpass his fighting abilities if he is given a weapon in his hand that he can swing. No one can forget how he tortured Mikey repeatedly with a pipe during Bloody Halloween.

But the peak of Kazutora is yet to come! This guy is the most hated character of the show after of course, Kisaki Tetta and this is because of the fact that maybe no one understood Kazutora. But give him some time to redeem himself. Wait for season 2. You will jump off your chair, guaranteed!

Kazutora torturing Mikey
Kazutora torturing Mikey

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6. Mitsuya Takashi

One of the founders of Toman and the 2nd division captain is the sanest person possibly in the whole gang. He is humble and is the most reluctant guy to fight who doesn’t charge at the opponent without thinking, unlike other members.

He acts as the big brother to Takemichi and can hammer his opponents really well. During the Valhalla fight, he punched a lot of guys alone and is a treat to watch for anyone.

Look forward to this guy getting more screen time in season 2.

Mitsuya Takashi
Mitsuya Takashi

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5. Keisuke Baji

Yeah, he is dead. Very unfortunate.

Baji was the real founder of Toman and an absolutely insane character having a lot of drip in his arsenal. Due to his voice and long luscious black hair, Baji maintained his own status in the gang. He is now deceased, leaving behind a legacy of his own.

The childhood friend of Mikey and former first division captain and a former Valhalla captain, Baji was a tremendous fighter. He humiliated 50 people along with Kisaki and his lackey before getting unconscious in the fight of Bloody Halloween.

The most important thing: he sacrificed his own life to save his treasures (founding members of Toman). That was a painful episode to watch.

The menacing look of Keisuke Baji
The menacing look of Keisuke Baji

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4. Yasuhiro Muto

Toman’s 5th division captain is a powerhouse. Not a lot is known about him to the anime fans but he is extremely strong. He beat several guys with ease during the fight with Moebius.

Due to his large and muscular physique, he can beat his opponents easily.

Toman is lucky to have him in their gang. We will be seeing more from him in the upcoming seasons.

Yasuhiro Muto vs. Valhalla guys
Yasuhiro Muto vs. Valhalla guys

3. Hanma Shuji

Hanma surprised everyone in episode 9 when he blocked Mikey’s nuclear kick during the rainy night of the Battle of August 3rd. Even Mikey was surprised at this unbelievable feat.

Later it was confirmed that Mikey was on another level. But nobody can deny the fact that Hanma is a total tank.

He doesn’t get knocked out easily and is a literal punching bag and can take a lot of hits. Draken even described him as a zombie.

Hanma Shuji
Hanma Shuji

2. Ken Ryuguji

It is unlikely that the Toman vice commander will lose any match. During the Valhalla fight, he beat several guys alone before wrecking Hanma, prior to getting finished by Mikey.

Nevertheless, Draken is a formidable opponent for anyone who goes against him, should they choose to do that. It would take everything to beat Draken, the right hand and the heart of Mikey.

In season 2 he will be a treat to watch against the Black Dragons.

Ken Ryuguji
Ken Ryuguji

1. Manjiro Sano

There you are! One of the most badass characters with the most badass moments in Tokyo Revengers.

All the Tokyo Revengers’ strongest characters don’t stand a chance against the Invincible Mikey.

Whether it is taking the blows of a pipe on his head or fighting a two on one combat, the commander of Toman can handle everything on his own. Now we know why he is known as ‘Invincible Mikey’. No wonder he knocked the ‘zombie’ Hanma out with his nuclear kick.

He also humiliated Kazutora in a one-sided battle in the Valhalla arc.

Mikey is a charismatic leader who doesn’t show his weakness to anyone and increases his gang’s motivation to fight.

Mikey is lowkey the main character of the show. He is literally the most famous character in Tokyo Revengers.   

The demon mode of Manjiro Sano
The demon mode of Manjiro Sano (Mikey)


Who is the strongest character in Tokyo Revengers?

Out of these top 10 strongest characters in Tokyo Revengers, the most powerful is definitely Mikey.

Don’t forget to leave your comments if your ranking differs from mine.

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