Tokyo Revengers: Kisaki Tetta Is The Villain That Will Blow Your Mind Away

Kisaki Tetta Tokyo Revengers Villain

So you read the title and arrived here? Am I right? Well, do you know who is Kisaki Tetta? You will be surprised to even think that this Tokyo Revengers villain could be the best in all anime (or is he already one?).

Kisaki is the definition of: “When the bad guy is actually talented”

I would be lying if I say that Kisaki isn’t one of my favourite characters in all anime. In fact, he definitely has entered my top 10 favourite list. He is surely one of my favourite villains and I have already judged him based on just 1 season.

Do you know why am I saying that? Before asking that question, am I wrong to say that? Is it even all right to have a villain in a list of ‘favourite’ characters?

Well … it is!

Before reading further, have you watched Tokyo Revengers yet? If not, minimize this blog post and go watch it right now.

If yes, then go ahead and read this blog post with pure enthusiasm.

Warning: Spoilers for season 1 of Tokyo Revengers ahead!

Who is Kisaki?

Kisaki Best Villain in Tokyo Revengers
Kisaki Tetta with his yellow nerdy glasses

Kisaki Tetta is the main antagonist or the main villain of Tokyo Revengers who does his work of evil and creates mischief by manipulating people. He is the smartest character in the show. All in all, he absolutely rocks his role of a villain.

Usually, a villain has a bit of a soft side and that turns out to be a weakness of theirs and that makes people sympathise with the character, but Kisaki?

Hell no!

This guy doesn’t have a soft side it seems. He doesn’t show any kind of weakness inside him that has the slightest ability to break him.

Now, let me mention some qualities of his that makes him a contender to storming into the list of best anime villains.

Kisaki’s manipulative ability

He is a pure genius. Period.

You see, Kisaki is the type of guy who can kill people without getting his own hands dirty and that to me, is a pretty cool and powerful characteristic of a villain.

We have seen Johan Liebert, the main antagonist of Monster (2004). He also had a mind-shattering manipulative ability and to be honest, it was a piece of cake for him to do it. Johan is arguably the best villain in all of anime.

Villains with manipulative ability are a lot stronger and scarier than villains who look muscular and are physically strong, who show their emotions and stay angry all the time. At least, I have always felt this way.

Kisaki Tetta is not a physically strong character (although stronger than the main character Takemichi) but he makes up for it by having this stunning manipulative ability.

He manipulated Kazutora Hanemiya and other characters like Pah-Chin, Osanai, and even Mikey.

You never know what to expect from a villain like Kisaki.

Terrorises without even appearing on the show

Kisaki Best Villain in Tokyo Revengers
An intimidating look of Kisaki

Tokyo Revengers writing is so good that the villain terrorised the main character for 12 episodes straight without even appearing once (he did appear in episode 3rd but it was not crucial).

This speaks volumes in itself.

Kisaki appeared in episode 13th and scared the hell out of our protagonist. He was so sick of Kisaki killing his friends in the future that he couldn’t control his anger and punched him right in the face and created a scene.

How many times we have seen a good guy being scared of a bad guy? He is actually a pretty strong guy in the whole show who doesn’t get involved in fights.

His never giving up attitude

Now, this one is a scary quality, especially for a villain.

Like Hanagaki Takemichi, the main protagonist of Tokyo Revengers, Kisaki also doesn’t want to give up. We know that he is hungry for power and he would do anything to achieve it, and he has my respect for that (just for that, though. Not his actions!).

No matter how many times Takemichi goes to the future, he is always beaten down by Kisaki who stays at the top and keeps killing the woman Takemichi loves.

If a protagonist says: “Never give up”, we are fine. We would cheer that character on.

But if an antagonist says: “Never give up”, then boy! We are doomed.

Literally doomed.

Don’t even imagine how the aftermath would look like.

His pure evil nature

Kisaki torturing Chifuyu and Takemichi
Kisaki torturing Chifuyu and Takemichi

Like I mentioned earlier, this Kisaki guy is a ferocious man. Pure savage. He is a badass in my opinion and that is why I have included his one moment in my most badass moments in Tokyo Revengers list.

If a villain doesn’t have a good side within him then the audience is in for a rollercoaster ride, without a doubt.

In the season 1 finale (episode 24) of Tokyo Revengers, the villain in the name of Kisaki drugs Takemichi and Chifuyu and then tied them on the chairs. He then tortures Chifuyu with his kicks and shoots Takemichi in his leg. To top everything off, he proceeds to shoot Chifuyu in the head and kills him in the process. No mercy, literally.

Poor Takemichi could only watch as a monster before him carried out the heinous deed.

This 5-minute scene was enough to know the pure evil nature of Kisaki Tetta.

At the end of season 1, he won!

Kisaki's sinister smile
Kisaki’s sinister smile!

Dark, isn’t it?

This is exactly why I like Tokyo Revengers and why I think it is different from many other anime shows. A villain wins at the end!

A villain actually wins! (well, at least what we think). Though it was a brutal cliffhanger, we can expect that Kisaki literally wins at the end of the season and that has taken people by surprise. It was like someone pushed us off a cliff.

How many times we have seen a villain actually win? How many times you have seen a villain shattering the life of the hero and maintaining it until the end?

This isn’t a typical show where everything can be expected as we know that at the end of the day, good always wins, bad always loses. But here, it is not like that!

Overall, pure savagery of Kisaki right there.

See my fiction tier review of Tokyo Revengers to know if it received an A tier or S tier or even a God tier!


Kisaki points a gun at a helpless Takemichi
Kisaki points a gun at a helpless Takemichi

Kisaki Tetta is underrated. Almost every person who has watched this anime hates Kisaki like no other person. They despise that guy! They won’t hesitate to smash his head off!

Although I strongly oppose his actions of having people killed all the time, I can’t fail to acknowledge that he is a tremendous villain.

Do you feel me?

If people hate Kisaki then that means the writing was successful as the character has done its job. The task that was expected of him, he has done it beautifully. He is easily the best villain I have seen in a while.

We need characters and especially villains like Kisaki as he is sure to give something unexpected every time with his unmatched smartness and a big brain. One could hardly beat him, not with mind games surely.

If Mikey is called ‘Invincible’ then Kisaki should be called ‘Indomitable’.

Now, you have understood Kisaki, right?

Do you understand another character of Tokyo Revengers in the name of “Kazutora”? If not, then read this blog post to have any doubts cleared about him.

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