Tokyo Revengers: Why Hanagaki Takemichi is the GOAT

Hanagaki Takemichi Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers is one of the best anime of 2021 and its manga has now sold more than a whopping 16.5 million copies this year beating Attack On Titan in the process. It is filled with multiple charismatic characters who have their own style by which they make themselves the best characters in this phenomenal anime. But in all this, Tokyo Revengers’ main character in the name of Hanagaki Takemichi is many a time disregarded by the majority of the audience.

Have you wondered why? Let me start this blog then.

Why Takemichi is hated by people?

There are reasons for this lash out.

  • Firstly, people think that Takemichi is physically weak.
  • Secondly, he always cries. I mean, there is a reason that he is regarded as the crybaby hero!
  • Thirdly, he doesn’t make decisions faster.
  • Fourthly, he doesn’t undergo any training to get stronger.
  • Fifthly, he has no drip unlike the others like Mikey, Draken, Baji, and Hanma (this is also a reason that people have in their minds).

For me though, Takemichi is that main character who is not found in many scenarios. He is really unique.

Having read the manga up to the latest chapter, I can say that he is really going to change everyone’s minds. Even for anime onlies, he should be one of a kind. In fact, he is one of the strongest characters in Tokyo Revengers!

Now, I will tell you the reasons for me to think so.

Tokyo Revengers Takemichi badly beaten up
A badly beaten up Takemichi

Tokyo Revengers’ Takemichi is not weak!


In fact, he is a badass character who has his moments.

He is surely not fragile. His body is not frail. I understand and agree that he doesn’t know how to throw punches or how to dodge them but the man can take hits. He is definitely a punching bag but unlike many delinquents in the anime, he doesn’t get knocked out that easily.

This isn’t a typical shonen anime where the MC gets separate episodes for his training so that he can become stronger and fight his enemies. Takemichi does fight his enemies but in his own way.

Honestly, this is what I like about this guy. You just can’t break his resolve. No matter how many blows from pipes you hit him like Kazutora Hanemiya, Takemichi will not break his resolve. It is just clear concrete.

If you have a brilliant and unbreakable resolve, then already you are stronger than most people in this universe.

Yes. Really.

Takemichi is a literal Tank!

As I said, he can take hits upon hits upon hits upon hits! (it is just too many hits). He is a lot stronger than most of the guys, just not in fighting. Like I mentioned earlier, with his unbreakable resolve, he can outshine anyone if he sticks to it.

Do I even need to write more about this? He got knocked out only once, by Kisaki Tetta.

Beaten but still smiling!
Beaten but still smiling!

He is in a tough situation. Really tough!

Imagine going 12 years in the past to save a girl that you care about, but in order to save her you have to change the past and in order to change the past, you have to face the cruel guys, gang fights and gang politics. And even before you know it, you are saving your homies before even doing anything about your girl.

In Tokyo Revengers, everything is in a chain. If one event gets triggered then it only going to affect the others one by one. This fact does nothing but makes Takemichi’s work harder than it already is.

You just can’t expect him to be right every time. Some things are bound to go in the wrong direction. And if Takemichi does something wrong or bad then he still gets hate from people. Honestly, this is just sad.

People should think a bit more about him in this regard. I understand he is slow on most occasions, but he is improving little by little. He just can’t help it when around him all he can see are just a bunch of delinquents who are physically stronger than him.

It is crazy to think how Takemichi would handle things against Kisaki, a very intelligent bad guy.

Tokyo Revengers’ poor Takemichi must be pretty much stressed right now but people fail to consider this and bash his decision-making ability.

Check out my spoiler-free Tokyo Revengers review to know which tier it received.

Tokyo Revengers’ Takemichi doesn’t know how to give up

This point is really common for him and many people already know this. He will take punches and kicks but he will not back down. He will never give up, after all, he has to correct the future. His resolve is undeterrable and unbreakable. So if he gives up, there will be no future for him, right? If there’s no future for him then how will he save his woman?

Honestly, he has no choice other than to face the critical situations before him. Giving up is never the option.

Takemichi's determined face
Takemichi’s determined face


Due to these reasons, Takemichi will be the GOAT (for me, he already is) as the manga continues to progress. I am sure the audience will realise the quality of Takemichi and praise him after what he has done.

Most of us would be afraid to go to the past and take his place as let’s be honest here, that is just depressing. Seeing the people that we care about always getting in trouble will make anyone mad. I bet many of us could not even do anything if we went to the past.

No matter what, Takemichi pledges to defeat Kisaki Tetta, the main antagonist, by any means possible.

In any case, watch out for upcoming drippy characters in Tokyo Revengers that will take your breath away. And of course, don’t forget Hanagaki Takemichi.

Remember the name.

Check out another blog post on Takemichi as this character is just so inspiring that he deserved a second post.

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  1. Takemichi is really trying hard to do everything right but situation led him to be a crybaby as he knows everything from start……

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