Top 5 Attack On Titan Soundtracks 2021

reiner armored titan

Attack On Titan needs no introduction as it is already a high-class anime. One of the reasons that make it such is its unmatched soundtrack. Let me list out the top 5 Attack On Titan soundtracks as of 2021.

That means the final season is also included.

Note: This list only includes my personal choice. This is NOT an official ranking.

Feel free to listen to these awesome OSTs with the help of the links attached. Click on the headings below to listen to them.

5. Call of Silence

Ymir is reborn

This emotional song can be applied to every character of Attack On Titan as this song speaks about staying side by side with one another in tough times.

This OST tells that every character in AOT has some kind of story to tell. Their stories are generally so cruel because you know, AOT is cruel. But even so, they are lucky to witness a world because they were born there and that is special.

It played in episode 5 of season 2 when Ymir’s backstory was being told to the viewers.

The best thing about this song is its lyrics as they are absolutely beautiful. In my opinion, this song is NOT underrated but only a few remember it. Can’t blame them, every AOT soundtrack is phenomenal.

4. Apple Seed

Bertholdt with the ODM gear

This OST can also be referred to as the theme for Bertholdt, the quiet kid. In episode 15 of season 3, when Bertholdt was about to transform into the Colossal Titan, this theme played.

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This soundtrack indicated that Bertholdt, the guy who always had a lack of confidence in himself was now completely changed as he had to fulfil his duty. No matter what the outcome, he had to fight.

Bertholdt is one of my top 10 favourite AOT characters and it was unfortunate how he died at the peak of his character development.

3. ətˈæk 0N tάɪtn

Bertholdt transforms into Colossal Titan

Weird name, isn’t it? How one can even pronounce that?

This soundtrack best describes the situation when the Scouts have to fight the titans in broad daylight. The intensity of this OST is a thing to experience.

One of the scenes where this song played was when Bertholdt transformed in Shiganshina and created havoc.

One can never get tired of this thrilling OST.

2. Ashes on the Fire

Reiner transformed into Armoured Titan

This soundtrack is fire! This thrilling soundtrack truly describes the dark setting of Attack On Titan.

As soon as the final season of AOT began, this OST grabbed everyone’s attention and I was no exception. This song played when we saw Reiner transforming into the majestic Armored Titan for the first time in the new season.

This song has the role of the choir in it and that gives a spine chilling experience to an individual. Unlike other songs, this OST isn’t emotional. Instead, this is just tragic.

I became a fan of this song pretty much straight away.

1. T-KT

Eren Kruger's Attack Titan

This OST sums up the whole show.

Attack On Titan is a show where everyone is fighting for what they believe in, and out of those one of the things is freedom. To achieve that freedom, a lot of sacrifices have to be made.

This soundtrack by Hiroyuki Sawano indicates that the world of Attack On Titan is cruel, but one has to fight for the cause and after so many dark days there will always be the sunlight in the end.

If this OST plays at the “that” scene in the last episode then there can be no force that will be able to stop me from crying.

What is astonishing to notice is that the main music slaps at 1:39 and the last chapter of Attack On Titan is in fact, 139. Cool, right? Is this Isayama’s doing?

Attack On Titan Soundtracks are S tier

It is safe to say, Attack On Titan is one of the masterpieces of the 21st century and the soundtrack has a major role in it.

Feel free to listen to the top 5 Attack On Titan soundtracks in 2021 with utmost excitement.

Remember: Shinzou wo Sasageyo! (Give your hearts!)

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