Top Questions in Attack on Titan

Eren, Floch and Jean in Attack on Titan

It’s a no-brainer that Attack on Titan is one of the best Anime series in the world. The high-class plot and storytelling of this series have brought a lot of questions from the fans.

This blog will cover what are the hidden frequently asked questions in Attack on Titan.

Let’s get started.

FAQ on Eren Yeager

Why do people want Eren to win?

Most of the people want Eren to win because they think Eren has been through so much and he is committing genocide not for himself, but for his friends (nice guy?)

People would never forgive the nation of Marley for their atrocities and even the world for that matter.

Is genocide the right option?

Is Eren committing genocide good?

Can genocide be justified?

Why do many Attack on Titan fans support Eren and why do some say that genocide is right?

Why some people are afraid that Eren will lose?

What can Eren do for freedom?

Eren Yeager can do anything to achieve freedom or more like his own friends’ freedom.

  • He popped his eye out
  • Cut his own leg
  • Pretended to be someone else
  • Betrayed Falco
  • And now going to destroy the whole world!

For Eren, freedom is eternal.

How Eren’s “tatakae” moves people?

“Tatakae”, which means “fight”, is probably one of the most hyped-up words in recent history as it was said by Eren Yeager’s majestic VA, Yuki Kaji, to get Eren moving in tough situations.

Mortals like you and me say this word and encourage ourselves to push forward.

How Eren has divided the fans of Attack on Titan?

Eren Yeager has changed everything, not only in the world of AOT but in real life too. By starting the Rumbling, Eren has divided the fans, forcing them to think if he is right or not.

Some are with him and some are against him.

But again, what is even right in Attack on Titan?

Why did Eren tell Floch about his plan?

It could be possible that Eren knew only Floch would agree with his plan to destroy the world. He knew that none of his friends would support the destruction of everyone outside the island.

Among his comrades, only Floch was willing to take revenge outside the walls.

Hidden Questions on Jean Kirstein

Why is Jean a great character?

One of the most underrated characters in AOT (more than Bertholdt?), Jean Kirstein has one of the best character developments in the entire story.

This guy wanted to have a leisure life as an MP but left it all behind to join the Scouts.

Jean did not question Eren in Season 4, why?

In seasons 1-3, Jean always disagreed with Eren.

But in season 4, when everyone was questioning Eren, Jean didn’t question his plan and his motive. He even figured out the real reason behind the Rumbling!

Jean knew that Eren wouldn’t harm his friends.

Why does Jean remember Marco?

Marco is the main reason why Jean’s character development is so good. The words of Marco telling Jean that “he had potential” has stayed with him from the start.

(Marco had tragically died in the first season and his demise left Jean shattered)

FAQ on Floch Foster

Why Floch is a good character?

Floch was a coward in season 3 but in season 4, he became the “son” of Eldia.

He is a cruel soldier but for him, it was necessary for the survival of Paradis. He is the only one who spoke against the main cast of characters with facts and logic, which fans didn’t like.

Did you like it when Floch was calling out the main characters?

How did Floch steal the show in AOT ep 86?

Floch stunned everyone after running a fire show against the Alliance, ALONE!

He outmaneuvered the most agile Jaw Titan, blocked and kicked Hange (Scouts Commander), dodged an attack from the Cart Titan, thunder speared her, and dodged another attack from her! What a mad lad!

Do you understand Floch?

Floch vowed for Erwin to be reborn as it was a logical choice to choose the commander.

Floch was cruel but according to him, that behavior was crucial to surviving.

It is okay to hate Floch, but you should understand his character before that.

FAQ on other characters (Connie, Levi, Mikasa, Zeke)

Why did Connie change in AOT season 4?

Betrayal, suffering, and rage.

The character of Connie Springer, who was such a funny fellow, took a complete U-turn and was filled with nothing but rage in S4. Why?

One reason: He suffered so much. Betrayal and the cruel reality changed Connie.

Why do some people hate Mikasa Ackerman?

One of the most tragic characters in the entire story, Mikasa Ackerman is still hated by many people out there as according to them, she is just a simp, emotionless, and a cruel human who undergoes 0 character development.

But … is this really true? What about you?

How strong is Bertholdt Hoover?

Bertholdt Hoover is a lot stronger than most people think. When confident and determined, Bertholdt can do wonders. Because in S3, he fought Mikasa, countered her, kicked her, and dodged her attacks!

He overpowered an Ackermann! (For a while).

How strong is Zeke’s resolve?

Zeke Yeager only wants two things in life: To save his younger brother (Eren), and the other is to complete his mission, for which he would do anything … literally anything!

He would lie to you, betray you and even end you without even caring for himself.

Why Zeke & Eren are a “bit” twisted?

Zeke and Eren are the brothers one should look for in a story ravaged by war.

One wants to save the world by sacrificing his own people while the other wants to sacrifice the world for his own people.

Both have a similar goal to achieve but in their own “twisted” ways.

Grisha needs your sympathy. Why?

Very pitiful and tragic, Grisha Yeager lived a life that no one would probably want to live.

His own sister suffered a gruesome fate while his loved ones became titans. At last, he was manipulated by his own son (for a good cause?)

He could be the hidden MVP of AOT season 4.

Why being Levi Ackerman is so tough?

Levi might be strong, but his comrades aren’t.

Time and again the story of Attack on Titan has shown that being humanity’s strongest soldier might just be a terrible thing. Levi has seen countless of his comrades get perished right before his eyes. That is … tragic.

Moblit Berner is a legend. Here’s why.

Always staying with Hange, Moblit is a legend who saved her life without caring for himself back in season 3.

He was one of the most underrated characters in AOT who was never shown in a bad light. He got a little screentime but was loved by all.

How Gabi Braun is overpowered?

Gabi is a menace in the Attack on Titan universe. She is just a 12-year-old but has already shot more important characters than anyone.

She shot Lobov, ended the life of the prison guard, stole Sasha away from the fans, separated the head and body of Eren (the MC), and now shot Floch (the hero of Paradis?)

Related: How did Gabi expose the AOT fans?

Why “Vogel im Käfig” is so deep?

Perhaps the best OST of Attack on Titan, Vogel im Käfig is really deep and moving because it contains very meaningful lyrics.

Vogel im Käfig means “Bird in a Cage”.

This is 100% true for Eren and the people of Paradis as they were deprived of their freedom.

It contains one line which says:

“We’ll fight against our fate

We mustn’t submit to our fate”

Extremely beautiful.


I hope you liked this blog and perhaps got more insights into the story of AOT. More questions will be added to this blog in the future

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