Where do I start in the manga after episode 12 of Tokyo Revengers?

hinata tokyo revengers episode 12

Episode 12 of Tokyo Revengers was a pain to watch. Many fans couldn’t stop their eyes from turning all watery. The manga is the same. It contains the same amount of pain or maybe even more. It simply doesn’t disappoint.

So you want to read the manga for more pain, right?

I will answer this specific question for you.

Start from Chapter no. 34

All right
You got your answer! But please read further for the direct link to the manga

Tokyo Revengers episode 12 ends at chapter no. 33 – “Revenge” of volume 4 in the manga written by Ken Wakui.

You can start the manga from chapter 34 – “Darkest Hour” which marks the starting of volume 5 of the manga.

Read it directly from here!

This also means that episode 13 starts from the same chapter i.e. 34.

Episode 12 featured the painful death of Hinata Tachibana, the main person who Takemichi has to save in the story. Along with the death of Hina, it also covered the death of Akkun, Takemichi’s close friend.

Oh my god! How painful it was to watch those two suffer slowly while we, along with Takemichi (the broken hero) watched in horror.

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