6 Reasons Why Floch is Hated

Floch after getting survived

Floch Forster is one of the most patriotic characters that you would see in any form of entertainment. But due to this extreme patriotism, Floch is hated by many people.

Let us discuss the 6 different reasons why Floch gets a lot of hate.

It is a fact that “Floch always speaks the truth.” Keep this phrase in mind before reading the post.

1. Floch’s twisted “devil” ideology

In season 3, he brought up his ideology revolving around a devil. According to Floch, a devil was the only thing that could save the island of Paradis.

And he was surely right.

In a cruel world like the AOT universe, someone had to sacrifice his humanity to keep moving forward.

But this sort of “twisted” ideology was disregarded by fans. Many people at first, didn’t understand Floch’s perspective.

A big reason for this was that it was a really emotional situation where we had Erwin on one hand and Armin on the other. This sad and desperate situation messed up our minds and we couldn’t really focus on what Floch was saying.

2. Floch’s Questioning Behaviour

The second major event featuring Floch showed his bold behaviour of questioning the main cast of characters.

He questioned the majority of main Survey Corps members including Eren, Mikasa, Jean and even Captain Levi.

Many fans didn’t like this as they all thought that how a side character with a ridiculously bad hairstyle could question our beloved characters.

Floch arguing with Eren

But Floch had a great point in all this.

He straight up told the viewers that Erwin was the one to have been revived instead of Armin. Floch was definitely right as no one in their right mind would choose a teenager instead of a highly experienced commander.

But from a writing standpoint, Armin was the better choice as it would include more drama in season 4.

3. The work of the Yeagerists

Season 4 of AOT was where many fans got disgusted with Floch, but during this time, he also gained a lot of loyal fans in the form of the “Yeagerists”.

During the invasion of Marley, Floch revealed that he had got himself a devil figure. And this devil was none other than Eren Yeager.

Floch quickly started to follow Eren and started to support everything that he did. Floch knew that only Eren could save the new “Eldian Empire” from the world.

To support Eren by any means, Floch gathered many members and formed a menacing faction called “The Yeagerists”.

This faction turned Floch from a side character to one of the most important characters of AOT.

Fans quickly became more disgusted with him when he brought up this face (image shown below).

Floch instructs Hange to be silent

He knew about Yelena’s plan of Zeke’s spinal fluid and got the Scouts arrested.

Here, we have to understand that Floch was doing everything to save Paradis, but the Scouts weren’t really thinking anything.

They had locked up a guy (Eren) who was the only one to save them from the wrath of the world while Floch was trying everything that he could to save this guy.

4. The cruelty on Keith Shadis

The situation with Keith Shadis made many fans mad.

Floch showed his harsh ways of doing things when he tried to recruit more members into the Yeagerists. Instructor Keith was beaten up brutally by the potential members because Floch had ordered them to show him their resolve.

Although, Floch’s opinion that their enemies were humans now instead of titans was completely right, his harsh way of recruiting new members wasn’t.

This event made Floch a cruel man in the eyes of the fans and it seemed like he was starting a literal gang, but it just showed how far he was ready to go for achieving freedom for Paradis.

5. Floch’s disrespect to Levi

Fans were left shocked once again and would have wanted to kill him themselves when Floch insulted humanity’s strongest soldier, Levi Ackermann.

Floch may have been disrespectful here, but he didn’t say anything wrong.

Levi was his biggest enemy who could stop Eren. It was necessary for the Yeagerists to injure Levi badly or maybe even kill him.

But as Floch said these things to the fan-favourite character, fans were mad.

6. Floch’s Too Rash Behaviour

The last thing that infuriated fans regarding Floch was his rough and revolting behaviour of killing anyone who didn’t obey his orders.

Floch is extremely violent when it comes to saving Paradis. He knows when to put a bullet in someone’s head and very well knows how to get others to follow him.

No wonder a lot of characters are shown to be scared of him.


The thing that most people don’t seem to get is that Floch is doing the same things as Eren.

Eren killed a lot of their enemies in the form of the people of Marley and Floch is killing the enemies of Paradis too.

But fans love Eren for destruction and yet they hate Floch for the same thing.

Regardless, Floch has made himself one of the most influential characters of AOT and possibly the best character in season 4.

I hope you now know the reasons why Floch is hated by a lot of people.

Write in the comments, do you hate Floch or love him?

But most importantly, do you understand his character?

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