Tokyo Revengers: Why I like Hanagaki Takemichi

Hangaki Takemichi Tokyo Revengers

Another day, another collection of dislike towards Hanagaki Takemichi of Tokyo Revengers. I have now seen this day in day out, week in week out. But what if I tell you that Takemichi is a good character?

Before you say anything, I just want to tell you that you don’t need to like Takemichi if you don’t. I completely respect your choice.

I am here to talk about why Takemichi is one of the most unique protagonists in anime and why I like him. That’s it.

Spoiler alert for someone who hasn’t watched the anime yet (although you should have by now).

So, this is the info that I am going to give on the basis of just Anime and NOT the manga. Although I have read the Manga up to the latest chapter and my god! It was a heartbreak.

Don’t even get me started on the Manga because Takemichi is just a different guy in there.

Now some anime onlies don’t like Takemichi because he cries, he is weak, his decision-making ability is worst, he can’t put two and two together and blah, blah, blah.

Now, open your eyes to the max level and read this carefully (Read only the bold words if you are short of time)

Or you can watch this video below.

The first thing about him is that…

Takemichi is helpless, literally helpless.

A helpless Takemichi
A helpless Takemichi

Imagine going 12 years in the past to alter some unfortunate events that involve your loved ones and in order to change them, you have to alter one after another, countless events of the past by getting involved with all kinds of gangsters, spoiled middle school kids, knife-wielding maniacs, and a manipulative mastermind.

What do you do?

  • Firstly, you don’t know how to fight.
  • Secondly, you don’t know to handle things.
  • Thirdly, you get bodied by every other person who you don’t even know that well. 
A usual sight in Takemichi's life
A usual sight in Takemichi’s life

So, again, what do you do?

Answer is…


You just don’t give up. Even if you can’t do anything, you don’t give up.

That’s what Hanagaki Takemichi does.

He doesn’t give up. He just doesn’t know how to give up.

How many times have I wrote, “give up”?

No matter how many times Takemichi is kicked in the gut, no matter how many times he gets clobbered on the face, no matter how many times the situation gets out of control, he just stands up again, well except one time, but still, he gets up again and tries to reverse the situation into his favour!

Now imagine you are in his place.

Could you really fight some unknown dudes from multiple gangs coming at you with an intent to send you to the afterlife?

Could you really fight Kiyomasa when he impaled your hand with a freaking knife?

Would you really have saved Draken in the Battle of 3rd August?

Could you really have prevented Kazutora from hammering Mikey’s head?

Could you really save Kazutora from the wrath of Invincible Mikey?

Would you have tried standing against Kisaki Tetta when he was in a superior position in your gang?

I doubt your answer will be “yes” at this point.

At first, Takemichi was a coward, but as the show progressed, he started to overcome his fear.

This isn’t the type of show where the MC gets a separate training episode so that he can become stronger and beat his enemies.

Training needs time and consistency. Takemichi doesn’t have any of it.

He does defeat his enemies but in his own way.

We don’t have to get too much realistic about this but I just want to say that the past world of Takemichi is some heinous mischief. It is just chaotic!

Definitely not easy for anyone to manage. Hats off to Takemichi’s character for managing everything on his own.

Takemichi is Strong


Yes, you heard that right!

Takemichi is strong, period.

A determined face
A determined Takemichi

Like I said earlier, Takemichi gets punched by random guys in nearly every episode out of those 24 in season 1. That’s why we call him a punching bag but that doesn’t make him weak. He gets back up after taking hit from nearly every punch.

Could you do that?

That is a hard thing to do.

And people still think he is weak! Weak!

I get that he doesn’t know how to throw a punch or how to dodge one but by no means is he a WEAK person.


Hanagaki Takemichi is a literal Tank! This guy doesn’t get knocked out easily, therefore, he is extremely strong.

Remember that!

He is an emotional man and that is okay!

A crying Takemichi
A crying Takemichi

Some people think that men can’t cry, they shouldn’t cry, they should be tough, no matter what happens.

I mean … What? How could they even say that?

Takemichi is a sensitive person who cares a lot, I mean A LOT about his new friends like Mikey, Draken, Baji, Mitsuya and of course, the best boy, Chifuyu.

He is literally known as “the Crybaby hero”. Everyone knows that he cries his eyes out. No need to bash him for that.

That’s why when he knew that something bad was gonna happen to his friends he always got emotional and cried. That is all right!

Nothing is wrong with that. It is a natural reaction.

It is another reason why we see him getting all emotional during the fight against Valhalla. He knew what was coming and honestly, he just wouldn’t be able to solve everything on his own there.

If Takemichi prevents every death, every unfortunate event from happening in the past then the show would become too predictable. No one would like it. Would you like it?

That way the show wouldn’t go straight into the watcher’s heart. No one will remember this show. It will be thrown off into a trash can.

Takemichi is a Good Character!

He is ... phenomenal
Takemichi is … phenomenal

All in all, according to me, Takemichi truly is one of a kind in all anime and I think he is unique, he doesn’t know how to fight like every other shounen MC and THAT is what I needed. A different MC. Badass, to be honest.

Now, if you don’t like him still, then I respect your opinion. No harm against that.

People think that the side characters carried season 1 and they might be right! But wait for the manga to animate, people will never know what hit them.

If still not satisfied with this badass Hanagaki Takemichi, then prepare your heart and mind and look out for a bold and fearless crybaby in the MANGA because … 

Fighting is not everything.

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