Why Porco Galliard’s Death is a Big Moment in Attack On Titan

Porco Galliard Death in Attack on Titan

Porco Galliard’s death in Attack on Titan occurred at the peak of his character. What is the reason behind his departure and what did he mean by his last words?

In this blog post, you will come to know why Porco’s death was one of the best moments in Attack on Titan.

Before that, let’s clear some basic information.

How did Porco Galliard die?

During the War for Paradis, Porco was heavily injured after Eren punched his Jaw Titan with full force. He was using all his power to heal himself. To top it off, Zeke’s Beast Titan screamed turning the majority of people into titans, including Falco.

Realizing that he was now useless in battle, Porco came out of his titan form and sacrificed himself to Falco’s pure titan form and by doing so, he saved Falco and Reiner’s lives.

What a gesture by Porco!

Now let’s come to the main topic.

Why Porco’s death is a big moment?

porco last words
Porco’s last words

There are two reasons why Porco’s death is a significant moment in Attack on Titan.

Reason 1 – Sacrifice.

The sacrifice that he made for his warrior comrade Reiner is one of the reasons why the death of Porco was a big moment. Many fans didn’t see it coming. We all thought that finally, Reiner was about to die, but Isayama had other plans.

It is unbelievable to think that it didn’t matter how much Porco misbehaved with Reiner, he laid down his life to protect him. That is huge! He cared about his comrades just like any other warrior.

But the other reason was something else entirely.

Reason 2 – The way how Porco died

The bigger reason why his death was a huge moment was the way how he died. Porco didn’t thank Reiner or even apologize to him for his bad behaviour towards him.

His last words were clear, but that moment didn’t have a clear meaning. It was left for the fans to think however they wanted to think.

What did Porco mean by his last words?

Meaning 1 – Porco came to know everything

Since the start of Porco being a warrior candidate, he knew he was better than Reiner in every aspect possible. So when out of nowhere, Armored Titan went to Reiner, Porco was angry and shocked. He hated Reiner more than ever.

Porco angry at Reiner
Porco unleashing his wrath at Reiner

Moreover, Porco thought that if Marcel didn’t save Reiner from Ymir’s pure titan form, then Marcel might have been alive. That means, Porco blamed Reiner for his brother’s demise.

But in his last moments, Porco finally remembered his brother, Marcel’s memories. He came to know that Marcel was the sole reason why Reiner got the Armored Titan instead of Porco. Marcel just wanted to protect him so that he wouldn’t die in 13 years.

This made Porco emotional and at that moment he finally put all the grudge against Reiner to rest. He now knew the reason why he didn’t get the Armored Titan. All this solidified his belief of why he was better than Reiner.

This was what Porco meant.

Meaning 2 – Porco forgave Reiner

Additionally, it could also mean that since Porco knew the reason why he didn’t get the Armored Titan, he finally forgave Reiner and to compensate for all the bad behaviour, he saved his life by sacrificing himself.

All in all, this was a perfect moment to conclude the character of Porco Galliard. It doesn’t matter if you love him or hate him, just remember his name!

Porco was the real warrior

Porco Galliard
Porco has my respect

It can’t be denied that Porco died the chaddest death in the whole Attack on Titan universe. His last moment was not a straight one-dimensional scene. It had multiple meanings showcasing us why Attack on Titan was more than just war and why Isayama is a genius.

Using the agility of his Jaw Titan, Porco displayed some majestic skills while fighting Eren in Episode 18 of Attack on Titan season 4.

Fighting for his army, coming up against Eren (the enemy of humanity?), sacrificing himself for his comrades and dear people: Porco was a real warrior.

Massive respect for him. Read this blog to know why Porco was one of the bravest characters in AOT.

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