Why Watch Anime in Japanese?

Mikasa, Eren and Armin in Attack on Titan anime

NOTE: Watching anime in dub is a personal preference. I watch it in sub (Japanese original)

Watching anime is a treat for someone like you and me, right? If you watch it in Japanese, then it will be more than a treat!

We all know that the dub of a series is a great thing because it enables viewers from different parts of the world with different cultures to watch their favorite anime series. It is a personal choice to prefer the dub over the original but there is no better experience of watching anime other than Japanese.

Therefore, in this blog, I will cover why you should watch Anime in Japanese.

Let’s get started.

The Japanese has more emotions

This is a no brainer. 

No matter in which language you watch any kind of show, the original will always contain the best emotions in their dialogues (except in a few cases).

For example, I had watched the 1st season of the immensely popular TV series Money Heist, in English language and it just didn’t feel worth it.

Though no doubt that the dub voice actors did a great job, when I saw it in Spanish (the original language), I was baffled.

The original Spanish voice actors spoke so energetically and that made each and every scene more impactful and somehow, everything was connected. 

This sense of originality you won’t be feeling in any other medium.

Original dialogues

Many times, in the dub, a complete dialogue gets changed and that gives a bad experience to the viewer. But what is even worse is that altering the dialogue changes the whole meaning of the scene.

In Attack on Titan season 4 part 2, some dialogues were changed here and there that might have brought a bit of confusion in the minds of the viewers.

Sometimes in the original too, dialogues can change a bit from the manga but it doesn’t happen much.

Tip: Watch in Japanese with subtitles

If you watch anime in Japanese, then subtitles are your best friends.

You can always read the subtitles when a particular dialogue is spoken.

And don’t worry, they won’t hinder your viewing experience of the show as once you watch any anime series with subtitles for a few times, you will quickly get the hang of it.

watch anime in japanese!

Again, watching anime in dub is a personal preference. In fact, when I watched Pokemon and even the fantastic series, Death Note, I watched in dub (English language).

But if you want to watch any Anime series in Japanese, you should just do it.

Now if you want to know how some people say that they have watched more than 300 or 400 anime series, then read this blog on how to watch any Anime series faster.

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