What is wrong with Connie in AOT Season 4 and how to understand him?


Connie Springer of AOT is a whole different person in Season 4. Have you realised that?

He has become aggressive and has done some controversial things in the final season. For this, Attack on Titan fans have been hating him for quite a while now. The comic relief character of Connie Springer that we once knew is long gone.

How did this start? When did Connie start hating everyone?

This blog will talk about what things led to Connie becoming so aggressive in season 4 of Attack on Titan.

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How did Connie lose his goofy personality?

Death of Sasha

This all started at the death of Sasha Braus, one of the fan-favourite characters, who was killed by Gabi in part 1 of season 4. Her death shattered Connie as he considered her to be his “twin”.

This was evident when the tears were pouring down from only his left eye symbolising the relationship of twins.

He took note of Eren’s reaction as the main character was laughing at Sasha’s death which was considered to be a coping mechanism for him, but Connie didn’t know this.

Soon after this, Connie became disgusted with Eren and even hinted to kill him when the time came.

This hatred of him towards Eren in turn started the hatred of the fans towards Connie.

At first, Connie was the type of character who was a bit goofy, friendly and have an outgoing personality. But now, he is a character who is always angry, disappointed and full of hatred. Plus, he also lost his best friend or “twin” (Sasha).

The situation of Connie in AOT Season 4

Some actions of Connie have not been taken satisfactorily by the audience. He has done some questionable things to the other characters and fans don’t agree with him at all.

How to Understand Connie?

To understand the whole situation of Connie and his hatred towards everything that is happening right not in the twisted world of Attack on Titan, we have to think from his perspective.

Like all the other characters, Connie has been through a lot. I mean, a lot.

  • At first, he saw his friends and comrades getting eaten by the titans.
  • Second, his mother was turned into a literal titan by none other than Zeke, who worked with Eren for the majority of season 4.
  • Third, he was betrayed by Reiner and Bertholdt in the iconic betrayal scene in season 2.
  • Fourth, during the raid at Liberio in the “great” nation of Marley, he saw Sasha dying right before his eyes.
  • Fifth, he found Eren doing things that were inexplicable to him and his friends after being jailed in Shiganshina and thought he was “betrayed” by him.

These statements confirm that Connie is a troubled person and now he doesn’t know who to trust and for whom he should fight.

Seeing all the things going against him in certain ways, he thought of killing Eren at some point, lashed out at Onyankopon and now, he was ready to take Falco to feed him to his titan turned mother.

Connie angry at Onyankopon
Connie angry at Onyankopon

Definitely, nobody would support his actions but the things that he is doing are … completely understandable.

For once, Connie is thinking for himself and doing things a bit recklessly. That’s why even his friends were somewhat against him in the situation with Falco.

Connie even argued with Armin and told him that he shouldn’t have a right to oppose Connie in the Falco situation as he was only alive because he ate Bertholdt and inherited the Colossal Titan.

Although it wasn’t Armin’s choice to eat Bertholdt but still, what Connie said was understandable.

Could You Have Understood Connie?

Try to be in Connie’s place for a second, imagine fighting for your freedom but on the way of your struggle, you come across…

  • Countless deaths
  • Sacrifices
  • Betrayal
  • More betrayal
  • War on your own land

Anyone would break down and give up right now after so many events. That is why everyone in part 2 of season 4 is just sad, frustrated and clueless.


Connie in serious mood
Connie in a serious mood

The bottom line is that everything in the world of Attack on Titan comes down to perspective.

You have to understand Connie’s perspective to know the whole story and then you can come to a conclusion.

Surely, we don’t have to agree to everything that Connie is doing but at least we should have an understanding of the situation and not just hate him without thinking.

This is what happened to Gabi when she killed Sasha. Only a few of the viewers were able to understand Gabi and now that her character development is all but completed, more and more people have understood her character.

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All in all, Isayama is a genius.

Pain and suffering can change a person so much that he won’t know if he is doing the right thing or not. Do you agree?

I hope, you understood the situation of Connie and now you can come to a decisive conclusion.

Write in the comments, how you feel about Connie?

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